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Hey there, and welcome to Friday. Our mayor wants a monument to Confederate soldiers taken down in Capitol Hill. He also wants Fremont to lose one of its weirdest, most controversial landmarks — its statue of Vladimir Lenin.

Blood on his hands... 📷: Sara Gentzler

There’s a long, strange story behind that statue. And not everyone wants it gone. Is it an offensive memorial? Provocative public art? Is this all a big distraction? Join the debate here

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The moon’s putting on a show next week, and us earthlings are going crazy for it. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Monday’s total solar eclipse into an easy, breezy cheat sheet, including: The best places to see it in Seattle, where to find those elusive solar vision glasses, and the best resources for checking cloud cover and figuring out when the action starts in your zip code. 👉 Check it out here.


Something we love to do here at The Evergrey is to give you free stuff — whether it’s tickets to a fun event, gift cards to local businesses, or a wine and dine night out downtown. (Congrats again, Carolyn! Hope you liked the Cutters Crabhouse dinner and Unexpected Productions tix!)

So if you have something wonderful you work on that you’d like to invite your fellow readers to try out, tell us about it with this form. Freebies FTW. 🎁



Check out this event from our advertiser, The Riveter.

🌊  The Riveter Cowork Opens in Fremont!
Join The Riveter at our NEW waterfront Fremont cowork space for happy hour and hard hat tours on 8/23. Presale memberships on sale now!


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🙋 8/18: Civic Boot Camp: Immigration
💨 8/18-20: 26th Annual Seattle Hempfest
🎨 8/18-20: Seattle Tattoo Expo
🚲 8/18-20: Gigantic Bicycle Festival
🌎 8/18-20: Chief Seattle Days
🍻 8/19: Washington Beer Collaboration Festival
🌯 8/19: Ballard Burrito Fest
⚔️ 8/19: Saber Battle Seattle 2017
🇳🇴 8/19-20: Viking Days
🖼 8/19-20: Pacific NW Chalk Fest
✊ 8/20: Emergency Rally: Say No to The Nazis! — NEW EVENT
📜 8/20: Papermaking/Short Run Summer School with Mita Mahato
✉️ 8/20: Screenprinting Work Party for the Postcard Project
🇧🇷 8/20: BrasilFest


Learn more about these events in our weekly roundup.


Chad Hartgrave/Nate Tepp tattoo

Evergrey reader Nate Tepp got his inked, right up front.

Chad Hartgrave at Hidden Hand Tattoo in Fremont sketched and inked it (he’s adding color soon), and here’s why Nate got it: “I’ve either been playing or coaching or broadcasting or running big basketball tournaments my entire life,” he said. “So for my first tattoo I wanted to combine some of the things in my life that define me.” Dig the style? Chad will be at the Seattle Tattoo Expo this weekend. 🙌

See you next week. — The Evergrey