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📸: Mónica Guzmán

☝️ They used to be anonymous, but we’ve got the story on the Seattle artist behind them. Learn about her — and her other awesome projects — here.

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  • What to do with those used eclipse glasses? In their eclipse debrief, The Seattle Times has a few tips: You can recycle the cardboard part (but not the lenses), donate the glasses to Astronomers Without Borders, or store them for next time. (The Seattle Times)
  • There’s a big disparity in our homeless population. Only one percent of King County residents are American Indian or Alaska Native, but a recent count found that they make up six percent the county’s homeless population. One important factor? “There is no reason that American Indian Alaska Native people should trust the mainstream housing systems,” says Colleen Echohawk, executive director of the Chief Seattle Club. (KUOW
  • So many salmon. A net holding 305,000 farmed Atlantic salmon “imploded” and released thousands of fish by Cypress Island in Skagit County on Saturday. Got a fishing license? Officials want you to catch as many of the fish as possible. (The Seattle Times)
  • Amazon built a bigger and better Eiffel Tower. Well, not really. But it turns out there’s more steel in the company’s massive Kent fulfillment center than in the Parisian icon. Eight thousand tons of it, to be exact. 😱 (Puget Sound Business Journal)
  • Keep up with Seattle’s restaurant openings. With the constant stream of new restaurants popping up, check out Eater Seattle’s fantastic guide that regularly updates and highlights new and/or improved food and drink by neighborhood. Might we suggest bookmarking this one? (Eater Seattle)



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Enjoy small plates from signature Seattle restaurants at Millionair Club Charity's 4th Annual Chef Showcase & Employment Excellence Awards!


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📸: November Project Seattle

Remember the group we told you about that meets for morning workouts in Seattle parks? The November Project is celebrating two years of hugging strangers, burning calories, and ‘unfreezing Seattle’ — way to go, y’all!

Stay motivated. 💪 — The Evergrey

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