Amazon has officially taken over 🏙

Today we’re wishing a happy retirement to Tucker, a dog that can smell orca poop a nautical mile away. He’s been the University of Washington’s “number-one dog for locating killer whale number twos,” which is helping researchers figure out why orcas are having trouble reproducing, writes Seattle Met. We hope Tucker enjoys his extra free time now that he’s off-doodie.

Speaking of taking care of our orcas, there’s a new electric ferry coming to Skagit County that’ll keep them safe and cut emissions. Cool stuff, Washington. 👏 Now for what the humans are up to…

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Seattle’s August primary was intense. In fact, we saw the largest voter turnout for an off-year primary in at least 20 years! Now onto the next steps. There’s lively debate happening between our two mayoral candidates, voter registration deadlines are in October, and those democracy vouchers? It’s a good time to turn ‘em in if you haven’t already. We put together this quick read that has everything you need to know about what comes next.


  • Welcome to Amazonia. We’ve probably all felt this for a while, but now an analysis conducted for The Seattle Times has made it official: Amazon occupies 19 percent of office space in Seattle and that’s the most for any employer in a major U.S. city. And it’s only getting bigger. (The Seattle Times)
  • What’s a million-dollar neighborhood? It’s a zip code where at least 10 percent of homes are worth $1 million or more. A new report says the “Seattle metropolitan area” (that includes Bellevue and Tacoma, too) has gained 22 of them since 2014. (Curbed Seattle
  • Ugh, tourists, am I right? Tourism is important to Seattle’s economy. Plus we love this place and want to show it off… but Crosscut’s Knute Berger says we’re not being very good hosts. One way he suggests treating visitors a little better? By pointing them to our neighborhoods, not just Pike Place and the Needle. (Crosscut)
  • In today’s marijuana news… The Stranger reported that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of room in our state for small weed farms to turn a profit, and Seattle Weekly’s got tips for making your own weed ice cream so you can cool down and get high.
  • Check your privilege. Ever gotten annoyed with how long it takes Seattle restaurants to bring your check? Indulge in this passionate, dramatic rant on the subject. (Seattle Met)
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Three urban explorers with a Denver-based site called Dirt Road Travels are sweeping through Seattle this week, hitting a ton of spots for a city guide they’ll publish soon. Want to see what these newbies make of your city? Follow along on our Instagram, where they’ll be posting their adventures over the next couple days.

Have fun out there. — The Evergrey

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