Seattle’s insane intersections visualized 🚗

Seattle’s insane intersections visualized 🚗

(Click the image and zoom in to see all the street names)

Peter Gorman posted this poster he designed on a Seattle Reddit thread Monday. He wrote on his Etsy store page, “When I first moved to Seattle, a friend told me that Seattle’s layout is easy to understand. ‘It’s all a grid,’ she said, ‘until it’s not.’” He talked to Curbed Seattle about why he made the map.

So what’s the deal with Seattle’s insane intersections?

Our favorite local historian Knute Berger wrote in 2012, “Attempts to lay down The Grid were derailed from the very beginning, partly because the men who founded the city had different ideas about which direction the grid ought to go (along the shore of Elliott Bay, or north and south by the compass, per Doc Maynard).”

He added: “As a result, downtown is like a three-car crash as the Belltown, Central Business District, and Pioneer Square grids collide and buckle. Other communities that were gobbled by annexation such as Ballard and Georgetown added their own grids, complicating matters.”

Drive safe out there.

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Durkan channels Bernie. Mayoral candidate Jenny Durkan wants to offer all Seattle Public Schools graduates two years of free community college. How much will it cost Seattle? About $4 to $5 million in the first year and eventually $7 million annually. How to pay for it? She’s still working that part out but says the city won’t have to create new sources of revenue. (The Stranger)

Noggin protection. A Seattle-based startup is making helmets to try to decrease the frequency of athletes’ concussions – and they already have some pretty high-profile customers. Some Seahawks players wore the helmets in last Friday’s preseason game. “You don’t feel the thuds as hard as they normally are,” said Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril. (GeekWire)

The last straw. Safeco Field and CenturyLink are banning plastic straws for the month of September. Why? An organization leading the effort to ban all plastic straws says by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. But don’t worry. The stadiums and dozens of other Seattle organizations and businesses will be offering up paper straws instead so you can still get your sip on. (MyNorthwest)

“Determination and a sense of duty.” That’s what 33-year-old staff sergeant Catherine Schmid said she feels right now. Last Friday Trump officially banned the military from recruiting transgender people, and now Catherine is one of several suing the President for violating equal protection and due process under the Fifth Amendment. She said, “…there is an assumption among the public that we are unfit to serve and I intend to show that is not the case.” 🙌 (The Seattle Times)

A most Seattle story. We thought we’d had enough of the Lenin statue debate, but then this gem appeared by local writer Matt Pentz. He paints a vivid picture of what appeared on Lenin’s head last week, chronicles the statue’s strange journey from Czechoslovakia to Fremont, and shares whether he thinks the statue should stay or go. If you’ve ever struggled to explain Seattle’s delightful quirkiness to friends and family who don’t live here, this read is a good starting place. (Vice)


In case your Facebook feed hasn’t already blown up with this news, Hillary’s coming to town in December to promo her new book “What Happened,” an attempt to explain, well, what happened. You can pre-register for tickets here.

‘Til tomorrow, friends. – The Evergrey

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