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What a stunning venue.

The big fest has been blessing our city with music, film, and all things art-related for more than four decades. Its name is a shout out to our weather and symbolizes an “umbrella for all of the arts.”

Impress all your friends and memorize KEXP’s list of ten local bands to check out. And be sure to print your copy of The Stranger’s Bumbershoots & Ladders board game to pass the time between sets. 🎲

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Local law enforcement in the news. First, a motorcyclist shared a video of being pulled over by a King County Sheriff’s deputy who pointed a gun at the motorcyclist without identifying himself as a sheriff’s detective. Next, a Seattle officer fired in 2015 for “biased and overly aggressive policing” is receiving more than $100,000 in back pay from the city. Finally, an autopsy found that Charleena Lyles – the 30-year-old mother who was killed in June at her apartment – was shot seven times by police and had no drugs or alcohol in her system. The investigation is continuing.

Washington’s got some of the last truly dark skies. So. Many. Stars. Seattle Astronomical Society’s David Ingram has some recommendations for where you can slow down and take those beautiful cosmos in. (The Seattle Times)

‘It’s really fun and I get to have money.’ That’s one reason a 9-year-old entrepreneur said he likes running his own business. At the children’s business fair in Bellevue last weekend, several dozen young entrepreneurs showed off their most creative ideas, including candy sushi, eclipse photography, slime, and many organic, all-natural products. (GeekWire)

Cities need to be prepared for natural disasters. After Hurricane Harvey hit Houston last week, publications like Vox, The New York Times, and NPR highlighted how underprepared the city was. When you read and listen to those stories, it might sound eerily similar to conversations Seattle has had about being unprepared for “the really big one.”

Want to help Houston? The Texas Tribune has suggestions or you can adopt animals that were rescued and brought to Seattle.

Seattle’s bike-share experiment is growing. After the city finally stopped spinning its wheels over its failed Pronto bike-share program, it decided to experiment with three (maybe soon to be four) private “dockless” bike companies. Starting today each company can double its offering to 2,000 bikes, reports KUOW. The city says ridership has already outpaced Pronto’s busiest days and it’ll decide in December whether to keep the program going.

What questions do you have about these bike shares? If you’ve tried one out, what’d you think of it? We’re working on a story and would love to hear from you.


This week we asked for your answers to this question: What do you think every Seattleite should know given this moment we’re at in our city’s history?

Here’s what you’ve told us so far:

“Every Seattleite should know about the ‘Will the last person leaving SEATTLE — Turn out the lights’ billboard — what happens when the region’s largest employer cuts tens of thousands of jobs.”
John Lasser

“I think every Seattleite should know the history of the Duwamish Tribe and their current fight for tribal recognition. [Also] …the history of the Central District and the role of redlining in creating the segregated city we live in now.”
Mary Holscher

“Leadership requires collaborating with those with whom we disagree, not destroying them.” and “The best way to know a city is to walk its streets, not driving past them.”
Mike Kent

Is there something you think every Seattleite should know? Hit reply or tell us on Facebook.


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Take it easy. – The Evergrey

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