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Who has two drumsticks and a unicorn head? 🦄

“Nothing to see here. Just a unicorn drumming.” -

That human with a unicorn head is Emery Carl, who calls himself “A Busker in Seattle with Guitars and Hula Hoops Gorilla Suits and Bucket Drums.” (Busker, for those of you who don’t know, is someone who entertains in a public spot for money). We aren’t sure if his personal site has totally up-to-date information, but it says he works at Biscuit Bitchmakes his own music, sells essential oils, and offers a “procrastination service.” 🤔

You can watch videos of him performing (and doing the dishes) in his unicorn head. Plus all his music is available for free online. And who knows? You might just see him in the wild yourself soon.

Thanks to reader Kirill Zubovsky, who tweeted that photo of Emery on the drums this weekend.

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Power to Pramila. Our congresswoman Pramila Jayapal shut down some serious mansplaining from an Alaskan rep last week. A video shows congressman Don Young calling her a “young lady,” saying she “doesn’t know a damn thing what she’s talking about.” Excuse you, Don. He later apologized and Pramila reminded “women of color out there to stand your ground and don’t ever be afraid to speak up.” (The Seattle Times)

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Keep an eye out for unicorn-headed humans. What a city we live in. — The Evergrey

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