Maybe stability is overrated 🎢

Is it just us, or did this week feel like a fast-paced blur? 📸:


You can call Seattle a lot of things. Creative. Caffeinated. Rainy. But you can’t call us stable.

We bring this up because of a line in the statement Amazon sent out last week to announce that it was looking for a second home. Yep — the company that’s been growing like crazy right in the heart of our city is flirting with other ones. High on its wish list for its so-called HQ2? “A stable and business-friendly environment.”

Whether we’re a “business-friendly environment” is a fun question for another day. But “stable”? We’re the opposite of stable. Especially now. Here’s why. Plus, why it might not be so bad.

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Is #SeattleSoWhite? White people made up 64.3 percent of our population in 2016 and that’s as low as we’ve seen in our city’s modern history, writes FYI Guy Gene Balk. And here’s a fun stat: The number of multiracial people here jumped 19 percent in just one year, making them the city’s third largest racial or ethnic group. (The Seattle Times)

You read us, now check this out. Heard of Nancy Pearl? She’s a local celeb book nerd who just published a novel she was inspired to write while high on pain meds (yup). And speaking of Seattle authors, make sure you add these upcoming local releases to your reading list. That comics collection looks stellar.

Attention, wine lovers on a budget. Shop this list of 20 delicious Washington wines that cost under $30. Cheers to the weekend! (Seattle Weekly)

Check out this event from our advertiser, Food Action.

Good Food is Worth the Fight 🍎✊ Attend Food Action's Annual Harvest Dinner. Even more satisfying than delicious food is progress towards a sustainable, just food system.


It’s (PARK)ing Day, and that means a bunch of on-street parking spots will be transformed into gathering places with fun stuff like bike repairs, craft-making, snacks, and pop-up shops. Check out this map to see where you can find the 47 installations around the city.

See you next week! – The Evergrey

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