'What does both sides mean?’ 📻

'What does both sides mean?’ 📻

The debate ramped up after a man wearing a swastika armband got punched in the face downtown on Sunday. That punch ended what the man later said was his “little escapade” to make a point.

KUOW interviewed that man for four minutes on Wednesday, anonymously, and got a LOT of angry and disappointed comments from listeners. If you want to hear it, go to 45:40 here. If you don’t, we get it.

All this has raised a lot of questions: Is wearing a symbol considered a violent act? Here’s one thoughtful perspective on that. Do media have to tell both sides of a story or should they keep certain views off the air, no matter how newsworthy? “We believe deeply in the principle that it is better to talk to someone rather than about them,” KUOW’s managing producer wrote in a retrospective.

After its interview, the station invited UW history professor Laurie Marhoefer to help critique its decision. She said one thing in particular that really stuck with us:

“We are wrong to think if we give them a chance to say what they believe, they will sound like radical fascists and it will turn people off. They won’t.”

What questions should we be asking about this that others aren’t? Hit reply and let us know.

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