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Seattle is changing so much, even people who’ve been here their whole lives are having a hard time keeping a grip on it. What are the big things to know if you really want to get this city? We asked you and several of your fellow locals, and this week are sharing back those answers…

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It’s Gene Balk’s job to help Seattle define itself. Gene is the chief number cruncher at The Seattle Times — a former research librarian whose love of data turns up in every edition of his popular FYI Guy column. If you’ve come across a provocative stat about the city lately, there’s a good chance he helped put it in context, if he didn’t calculate it himself.

What does Gene think you should know about your city?

  • The current median price for a single-family home in Seattle is $750,000, and prices have been rising faster than anywhere else in the country.
  • The black population in Seattle’s Central District neighborhood was 74 percent in 1970. By 2019, it’s projected to drop to 14 percent.
  • The tax burden on a Seattle family making $25,000 is 15.5 percent, while the tax burden on a family making $150,000 is just 5.1 percent.

Read the rest of Gene’s list here, including something pretty wild about Seattle and Subarus. What’s on your list? Hit reply and tell us. We’ll be rounding up a list from your must-knows on Friday.


‘Burning the 12th flag tonight. You don’t respect my flag.’ Both our Seahawks and the Tennessee Titans did something pretty unprecedented on Sunday: They stayed in the locker room during the national anthem before their game. It was part of a huge wave of protests in the NFL after President Trump said that players who’ve been protesting racial injustice — some for a couple years now — should be fired. Plenty of Seahawks fans were into it (here’s the players’ statement), but some said they’re quitting the team. Check out the comments on KING 5’s live commentary, starting at 9:20. (KING 5)

That was an amazing summer. It was both the driest and the warmest we’ve ever recorded. “Could be typical chaotic behavior of the atmosphere,” says UW climate guy Cliff Mass. “At this point, there is no reason to believe such patterns are associated with global warming.” (Cliff Mass Weather Blog)

Playing a racist in Seattle’s alt-right. A white man named Patrik spent a whole year undercover in alt-right movements around the world. At one point, he hung out with white supremacists in Seattle in a house where “swastikas cover the walls.” And he learned about Cascadia, a group that wants to build an all-white society in eastern Washington. This is a fascinating, but tough, read. (KUOW, Hope Not Hate).

Both our mayoral candidates are rich. Jenny Durkan is worth $5.75 million, Cary Moon is worth $4.1 million, and Seattle is trying to keep itself affordable. Here’s a breakdown of where their wealth comes from, and how they answer a tricky question: Can people who are struggling to live here trust someone who’s thriving to help? (Crosscut)

Quite the commute.  This Amazon engineer gets from Ballard to the company’s South Lake Union campus by kayak. 😮 (GeekWire)


They’re everywhere this time of the year. And a lot of them are big fans of the indoors. Do you freak at the first sight of a Giant House Spider darting across your floor? Remember what Rod Crawford of the Burke Museum likes to tell Northwest arachnophobes: Without spiders in your home, “your house would be so overrun with insects that you couldn’t even live there.”

Have a good one. — The Evergrey

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