Dress in layers and don't honk 📢

Dress in layers and don't honk 📢

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Now let’s get you more acquainted with this place you call home.

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All week we’re sharing back answers to a revealing question: What should all Seattleites know? We told you what our mayoral candidates and Seattle’s resident data guru think. Today we’re passing on lists from several locals whose work in the city has given them a solid perspective on what living here is all about.

Here are a few things they think you should know. See their full lists, with links to learn more, here.

  • “Seattle has ‘world class dreams’ but a provincial heart. We’re utopians who believe Seattle should be the role model of a better way.” — Knute Berger, longtime Seattle columnist
  • “Stories we do not tell: the burning of Duwamish longhouses and anti-Native laws, the anti-Chinese laws, Japanese internment, and redlining.” — Nikkita Oliver, attorney, poet, and former mayoral candidate
  • “Wear fleece. Dress in layers. You’ll soon learn why when you see the wild fluctuations in temperatures from morning to evening commute.” — Ann Peavey, chief concierge for Visit Seattle
  • “South Seattle’s uniqueness and the taste of Chef Tarik Abdullah’s curry.” — Marcus Green, founder and editor in chief of the South Seattle Emerald
  • “How to amplify your power to shape the Seattle you want.” — Diane Douglas, executive director of Seattle CityClub


You know you’re a crusty local when… you know what to whine about. Need a refresher? Heidi Groover of The Stranger rounds up the usual suspects, like traffic, rent, racism, and — sigh — new people. “There’s a pretty solid consensus that if you moved here at any date after 1972, this is all your fault.” (The Stranger)

Look who finally decided to stop by. “Grey’s Anatomy” takes place in Seattle, but you wouldn’t know it by the show’s shooting locations, which are everywhere but here. Until now. The cast spent two days this summer filming at spots like Kerry Park, the Fremont Troll, and the ferries for the show’s 14th season, which premiers tonight. (KOMO)

Whose fault is this? We’re due for a massive earthquake in Seattle… eventually. And the University of Washington has built a warning system that can give us all a few seconds’ notice… eventually. The tech is still in testing. Hurry up, please. (KUOW)

What Seattle protesting looks like: creativity and chaos. A man named George P. Hickey has been photographing protests in the city since the 90s, and his work is stunning. He even got a pic of the moment a cop pepper sprayed him during the wild WTO riots of 1999. (Crosscut)

‘Seattle is a city mad for craft beer.’ There are more than local 60 breweries in city limits, and more than 350 in the whole state. Where’s the closest one to you? Check out this map to find out. (Washington Beer Blog)

Things to do


🙂 9/28: Fresh Ground Stories: Finding the Good

👻 9/29: Scared to Death Exhibit Launch Party

♻️ 9/30: ZeroLandfill Seattle 2017

🎃 9/29-30: 13th Annual Great Pumpkin Beer Festival

🙋 9/30-10/1: GeekGirlCon

🍵 9/30-10/1: Northwest Tea Festival

🇷🇺 9/30-10/1: Taste of Russia

♞ 10/1: ELS Medieval Festival 2017

Learn more about these events in our weekly roundup.


Have a good one, all. — The Evergrey

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