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Pick your plan for the arts. The two women running for Seattle mayor — Jenny Durkan and Cary Moon — are going to talk about how they hope to keep our pricey, growing city culturally vibrant and “truly livable.” (Queen Anne)

Live and breathe startups. Seattle Startup Week’s got more than 200 events on all kinds of different topics designed to get budding entrepreneurs plugged in and caught up. (All over Seattle)

Try fencing. Each month, this beginner class trains you on the foil, the epee, or the sabre. En garde. Plus, you get to wear those awesome face masks. (Queen Anne)

Learn why we’re so left. Seattle politics has been a solid shade of blue for years, but why? Join a chat with former mayoral candidate Nikkita Oliver, The Stranger publisher Tim Keck and former King County Executive Ron Sims. (Belltown)

Have fun with words. First, take your bookworm self downtown to chat about your favorite titles and authors at the Booktoberfest happy hour. Then, watch as contestants at this inaugural Acronym Battle make up definitions to acronyms they hope the judges like best. LOL FTW.

Pick up poke. It’s a Hawaiian fish dish that’s taken over Seattle, and this chef wants to teach you how to make it at home. People are crazy for this stuff, so get your tix before they’re gone. (Downtown)

Party like a viking. Check out this Swede-themed Viking Disco.

Sample some goodies. The Taste of Seattle Made food festival features bites and sips from more than 50 local makers. (Seattle Center)

Level up your storytelling. Derek Thompson, senior editor at The Atlantic, will chat with the University of Washington’s Hanson Hosein about what it takes to make your voice stand out in a noisy world. (Fremont)

See all the Legos. Check out Lego geeks’ most jaw-dropping creations at BrickCon 2017. Bring the kids and your imagination. (Seattle Center)

Do it for the kids. The Seattle Children’s Festival’s got multi-cultural dance, music, arts — the works. Know an awesome student in a grade between 6 and 12? Take them to UW for this Dialogue Across Difference event, where they’ll talk about how to bridge the cultural divides that challenge us all. (Thanks Jordan Goldwarg for the tip!)

Dance in a ‘Thriller’ flash mob. Zombie costumes highly encouraged. (Fremont)

See more upcoming events (and submit your own) on our events page.

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