Join the Evergrey election board ✅

Join the Evergrey election board ✅

(Graphic: Bo Zhang)

Bo lays out her argument here, and we think it’s pretty compelling to think about.

That’s why we’re putting together an Evergrey election board. The idea? To bring together a group of Seattleites to come up with a list of questions focused on our mayoral and city council candidates’ leadership qualities (rather than solely their policy platforms). We’ll arrange an in-person Q&A session between our board and the candidates, and share out what we learn.

Apply here by next Monday, Oct. 9. It should be a fun experiment. 👍

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I’ll have the special, with extra vertigo. The restaurant at the top of the Space Needle is getting a renovation. And one of the biggest changes is a brand new see-through floor and transparent furniture. Check out these new artist renderings and try not to get woozy. Five-hundred feet is a looong way down. (GeekWire)

‘I’m completely done with sending prayers and thoughts.’ The tragedy in Las Vegas has everyone asking how we can prevent future mass shootings. Seattle can’t pass its own gun laws, but there are several ideas floating around the state legislature — like a proposal to ban all assault weapons and a bill to get people to store their guns more safely. Here’s a deeper look at how Washington’s been regulating guns. (Crosscut)

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Things to do


📱 10/2-6: Seattle Startup Week

🍸 10/4: Civic Cocktail: Seattle’s Shift to the Left & DACA Decision

📚 10/4: Booktoberfest happy hour

😂 10/4: Acronym Battle

🐟 10/5: Poke Making Class

🤘 10/6: Viking Disco

🍽 10/6: Taste of Seattle Made

🗣 10/7: The Secret Sauce of Communication

🛠 10/7-8: BrickCon Exhibition

🚸 10/8: Seattle Children’s Festival

❤️ 10/8: Dialogue Across Difference

👻 10/8: Thriller Flash Mob

Learn more about these events in our weekly roundup, and check out more upcoming events here.


Want an interesting way to spend your afternoon work break? Seattle police officers are hosting meetups at four Starbucks today — in Green Lake, Magnolia, the Central District, and Columbia City. They go from 2 to 4 p.m., everyone’s invited, and there’s no agenda. Just a casual chat with cops over coffee. If you go, let us know how it went.

See you tomorrow. — The Evergrey

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