Seattle so left ⬅

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It’s fitting that Berrak caught Seattle on the left 😉 because our city’s politics have been blue blue blue for decades — maybe now more than ever. What are we to make of that?

“I think it’s great and necessary,” said Tim Keck, the publisher of The Stranger, at a Civic Cocktail event last night that tackled the issue. “The city is moving leftward because the left has more tools.”

Nikkita Oliver, who ran for mayor in the primary, wondered who’s benefitting from those tools, and who isn’t. “The outcomes are not amounting to people being able to stay in the city,” she said after the event.

And Ron Sims, our former county executive, doesn’t want the ideology doesn’t get in the way of the service. “It’s not whether you’re conservative or liberal. It’s whether you’re effective,” he told us. “Being left cannot be your goal. Benefits given to a large number of people — that should be your goal.”

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Just a little pick-me-up. Next time you get a friend at the airport, you can also get lunch. A bunch of food trucks are taking turns serving up noms at Sea-Tac Airport’s cell phone waiting lot as part of a three-month pilot program. They’re there every day from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Which trucks are there when? Here’s the schedule. (KIRO)

Spying on racists. A Seattle writer named David Lewis lied his way into a white nationalist convention in Queen Anne and wrote this must-read. One chilling thing he learned: It’s considered easier to fill the room at these gatherings in Seattle than in New York. (The Stranger)

Uptown earns its name. Lower Queen Anne is also known as Uptown, and it’s about to grow up after our city council gave the OK for developers to build taller buildings. That triggered a city requirement that developers include affordable housing in their new buildings or pay a big fee. How many new affordable units could come out of this? About 600. (KUOW)

Oh look, another weather record. We just had the warmest and driest summer on record. And it was our smokiest in more than 100 years, too. (MyNorthwest)

A big endorsement. Our governor, Jay Inslee, said he’s backing Jenny Durkan for Seattle mayor. But what if in addition to knowing candidates’ policy ideas and endorsements, you got to know how candidates learn on the job? We’re getting some awesome applications for our Evergrey election board, which will help us ask local candidates a different set of questions focused on their leadership abilities ahead of our Nov. 7 election. Sound intriguing? Apply to join here. The deadline is Monday.

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Ask Alexa — Amazon’s know-it-all personal assistant — to name her favorite NBA team, and she gives the best answer.

“Well, my favorite team was the Seattle Supersonics before they were stolen .. I mean relocated. Now, I’m rooting for the Minnesota Timberwolves but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming. Bring back the Sonics.”

Dream big, all. — The Evergrey

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