Take that, climate change 💪

"I did my best to mold that institution into a scientific facility to which people from any walk of life could go for answers to scientific questions that puzzled them,” Dixy Lee Ray said of the Pacific Science Center.

Dixy is probably one reason Seattle’s built such a strong reputation for taking care of the environment. Here’s more on that and other things to know before you dive into your weekend.

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Take that, climate change. Some U.S. cities are better prepped than others for the downsides of a warming planet. And according to the Climate Readiness Institute, we’re about as resilient as they come. “The Pacific Northwest is the best overall region for escaping the brunt of climate change in the U.S.,” they say. “Seattle is one of the most well-positioned cities here.” 🙌 (Business Insider)

You don’t have to go far for an awesome hike. That’s one of the best things about living here if you’re outdoorsy. Check out this list of 12 great hikes close to the city. Discovery Park is right in city limits (fun fact: it’s our largest park), Poo Poo Point has a great name as well as great views, and it’s always a party by Rattlesnake Lake. As reader Will Von Geldern pointed out to us this week, crowds at our trails are hitting their peak. ⛰ (Curbed Seattle)

You’ve seen new apartment buildings go up all over the place. Now get this: One out of every eight apartment units in the city was built in the last seven years. That means Seattle has the highest concentration of new apartments of any major city in the country. Are they cheap apartments? Haha, nope. One 27-year-old renter is paying $1,425 a month for 345 square feet in Capitol Hill. 😳 (The Seattle Times)

Meanwhile, in Ballard… Ballardites weren’t sure what to make of the weird graffiti — two white circles — that appeared out of nowhere on their front steps. Turns out, it was the newspaper delivery guy. He was dropping off papers in the dark, and figured the tags would help him see which houses had subscriptions. Now his boss is going around the neighborhood cleaning things up and saying sorry. 🙃 (MyBallard)

Around Town

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🍽 10/6: Taste of Seattle Made

🗣 10/7: The Secret Sauce of Communication

🛠 10/7-8: BrickCon Exhibition

🚸 10/8: Seattle Children’s Festival

❤️ 10/8: Dialogue Across Difference

👻 10/8: Thriller Flash Mob


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Have an awesome weekend, all. — The Evergrey


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