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We’re building some big things for you, Seattle. (📸: cadywsq at this weekend's BrickCon 2017)

Now let’s make some plans.

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Celebrate indigenous cultures. It’s a full day of events to honor our local tribes, from a morning rally and march to City Hall to a night of music, food, and dancing at the beautiful Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center. (Downtown and Discovery Park)

Attack! Go back to gym class with a few rounds of dodgeball. There are open games for grown-ups every Monday night, and they play with smaller, “no-sting” rubber dodgeballs. Thank goodness. (Northgate)

Hear from ‘Nasty Women.’ Listen in as Seattle writer Ijeoma Oluo and editors Samhita Mukhopadhyay and Kate Harding read excerpts from essays in the new book, “Nasty Women: Feminism, Resistance, and Revolution in Trump’s America.” (First Hill)

Learn about our past. The Rainier Valley Historical Society is holding popular monthly forums to dismantle racism. This month, they’re unpacking the history of racism in our state. (Columbia City)

See your future? Get a professional tarot card reading in the historic Hotel Sorrento. Can’t make it this week? No worries. They’ll be doing readings every Tuesday this month. (First Hill)

Get smart about climate change. You know something’s happening with the climate. But can you explain the science behind it well? Get some tips on how to communicate climate change from the pros at the Pacific Science Center. (Queen Anne)

Make something beautiful. Work with a professional glassblower to make (then show off) your very own bowl, float, or paperweight. (Madrona)

Do the art walks. Artists in West Seattle and Capitol Hill are putting out the goods, and Columbia City’s got a pub crawl and night market.

Hear a scary story…about yourself. The improv gurus at Unexpected Productions are turning your memories into improvised ghost stories. “Some of the stories are scary and some are funny, and all of them will have you perched on the edge of your seat.” (Downtown)

Go on a wild urban adventure. Get a team together to tackle hundreds of challenges in Oktoberquest, an all-out 24-hour race around Seattle. The fun kicks off with a Friday check-in party and goes into Saturday. Register quick and get pumped. (All over)

Ask what it takes to change your mind. Four scientists teamed up with four playwrights to create short, onstage meditations on how we make decisions and change our minds — or don’t. Watch the plays, then pick apart the questions they raise. (University District)

Play a game of strategy and horror. It’s called “Betrayal at House on the Hill,” and you can pair it with good books, good drinks, and good conversation at the Lab at Ada’s. (Capitol Hill)

Bring your nightmares to life. Share your biggest fears and the performers at Jet City Improv’s Nightmare Society show will bring them — hilariously — to life. Thanks to reader and Jet City performer Susan Lieu for the tip! (University District)

Find some cool old books. The Antiquarian Book Fair’s also got maps, prints, and other fun stuff. (Seattle Center)

Pay a visit to the area’s largest indoor/outdoor haunted house. Nightmare at Beaver Lake is a three-quarter mile hike full of twists, turns, and screams. It’s OK for kids 10 years and older before 8 p.m. After 8 p.m., they turn it up. (Sammamish)

See more upcoming events (and submit your own) on our events page.

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Our city’s changing fast, and it’s tough for anyone — even a wonky, campaign-mode politician — to have all the answers. So we’re running an experiment: What happens if we ask candidates how they learn and lead rather than just their political platforms?

We’re creating a public election board to help us find out, and today’s the last day to apply to be part of it. Interested? You don’t have to know the ins and outs of our local politics. You just need to be curious about approaching politics in a slightly different way. And P.S. (because people have been asking) — we won’t be endorsing anyone when we talk to candidates, just passing on what we learn. 👍

Not registered to vote here in November? Get on it. The deadline is today.

Have a good one, all. — The Evergrey

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