'Turn on your damn headlights' 🚘

'Turn on your damn headlights' 🚘

‘Excellent development opportunity.' Ya. No kidding.
(📸: Anika Anand)

“Depending on your perspective, this is either a great time to get rich on the market, or a really depressing time to make ends meet,” says Mike Rosenberg, who covers real estate for The Seattle Times. Got questions about the housing market? He’s answering them on Reddit at noon.

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Your new city councilmember likes karaoke. Her name is Kirsten Harris-Talley, and when she was picked to fill an empty seat on the council on Friday, it was kind of a surprise. That seat was empty because its former occupant, Tim Burgess, stepped up to become our mayor when Ed Murray resigned over sex abuse allegations. Sixteen people applied to fill his seat until a new councilmember gets elected in November, including a former council vet who seemed like a shoe-in. He wasn’t. Kirsten is a champion of progressive issues and an advocate for racial and criminal justice. That won out. (Crosscut)

The Republicans who shaped Seattle. The GOP’s been “virtually extinct” in Seattle lately, writes columnist Knute Berger, but that wasn’t always the case. In fact, back in the 60s and 70s, local Republicans pushed through a couple things modern liberals love. Like all those lovely neighborhood P-Patch gardens. (Crosscut)

Ever heard of Transit App? You tell it where you are and where you’re going, and it gives you all your options for taking transit or shareable rides — including on a bike. That’s right: bike-sharing companies LimeBike, Ofo, and Spin just added their bikes’ locations to the app, making it a handy one-stop shop for all you non-drivers on the go. (The Seattle Times)

‘Turn on your damn headlights.’ Our skies are getting greyer, our days are getting shorter, and your friendly neighborhood Redditors would like to remind you to stay visible on the road. 🙂 (Reddit)

Powering pot. Washington’s 2,500+ pot growers and processors use as much electricity as 2 million homes, according to a new report. Their carbon footprint isn’t great, either — it equals that of 3 million cars. It’s not easy being green. (Crosscut)


On Friday, we told you about Dixy Lee Ray, our state’s first female governor. We implied that her work in energy and the natural sciences helped lay a foundation for our city’s strong reputation on the environment, but that glosses over an important detail about how she got along with a lot of environmentalists: Essentially, she didn’t. She even co-wrote a book — Environmental Overkill — to argue that they were taking their case too far. So … some drama there. Thanks to readers Peggy J. Vitullo and Chip Giller for pointing this out!


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Have a good one, all. — The Evergrey

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