‘You don’t feel like crap when you eat it’ 🍴

‘You don’t feel like crap when you eat it’ 🍴

Artist, foodie, and Evergrey reader Andrew Bohrer drew his preferred poke for us. “That is my favorite combo of the regular poke from Met Market and the 200 ml namazake they have, an unpasteurized sake that is hard to find. I’ve been getting poke there for years.”


Ask local poke fans about their favorite place to get the classic Hawaiian dish, and you’ll probably hear about the 45th Stop N Shop & Poke Bar in Wallingford. It’s one of the first real poke spots in the city, and we called up co-owner John Chung to ask a simple question: Why did poke become such a hit?

“What I’m getting a lot from customers is it just makes them feel good after. You’re using fresh ingredients, you don’t feel like crap when you eat it,” John said.

To back up: Poke is a Hawaiian dish made with cuts of raw fish, sauced or marinated to your liking. That marinade is a big part of what separates poke from sushi and makes it its own thing. Add veggies or rice, and poke becomes a quick one-bowl meal that’s tastier than some people expect.

“Having the protein be marinated in the sauce really adds a different level of flavor to the fish,” John said. “It opens people’s eyes to the possibility that fish could actually taste this good.”

All that said, as our city cools down, so will our poke fever.

“Literally we look at the weather the next day to see how much fish we should order,” said John, who insists that weather influences our poke cravings. “If it’s sunny, we’re packed. If it’s cloudy, not so much.”

On the hunt for good poke near you? Local food writer Pam Mandel rounded up some good spots.

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‘I wish my kid’s day care was this nice.’ Seattle has more dogs than kids, so we’re not too surprised that the number of local dog service businesses has quadrupled in the last decade. But the perks! “Our most popular add-on is the blueberry facial,” said an actual doggy day care worker. Woof. (The Seattle Times)

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Supply, demand, and parking. The results are in, and based on data about how we park around the city, our parking rates are gonna change this fall. In Ballard and Green Lake, some rates are going up. In Capitol Hill, you’ll have to pay to park ‘til 10 p.m. You a numbers nerd? The city’s 2017 paid parking study is full of ‘em. (SDOT Blog)

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Bob Ferguson strikes again. Our state attorney general made headlines when he went after President Trump for his ban on travel from Muslim-majority countries, and won. Now he’s suing the administration for, he claims, discriminating against women. Trump changed the Affordable Care Act to make it OK for a business or insurer to not cover contraceptives for religious reasons. Bob — and attorneys general in a couple other states — are not having it. (The Seattle Times)


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🔬 10/13-15: The Science of Changing Your Mind

🍻 10/13: Night Lab: Board Games and Booze

🎭 10/14: Jet City Improv: The Nightmare Society

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