Introducing the Evergrey Leadership Lab ⚡️

Introducing the Evergrey Leadership Lab ⚡️

Election Day is just a few weeks away, all. And while policy nerds eagerly await their ballots appearing in their mailboxes, some Seattle voters are left wondering this: We’ve heard the candidates’ platforms, but what will they be like as leaders?

So without further ado, here’s the group of your fellow readers we selected to join our Evergrey Leadership Lab. They’ll be asking candidates questions about their approaches to leadership ahead of the November election, and we’ll be sharing what they learn with all of you. Stay tuned…

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Amazon’s confusing. Amazon will not be putting its second headquarters anywhere near its first headquarters — a.k.a., here. At least, that’s what some people heard when a top Amazon exec told the GeekWire Summit he thought the company would break new ground outside our part of the country. But then an Amazon spokesman contradicted him, saying they’d consider every proposal, “including from communities across the Pacific Northwest.” 🤔 Cities all over the country have wanted to win over Amazon ever since it announced last month that it wanted to build a so-called “HQ2” outside Seattle. Not everyone here in HQ1 thinks Amazon is the prize these cities are pining for. But if places like Tacoma, Portland, and Vancouver, B.C. aren’t really in the running for 50,000 new jobs, it’d be nice if Amazon would just come out and say so. (GeekWire)

Don’t miss these geniuses. The MacArthur Foundation crowns a class of “geniuses” every year with a $625,000 prize and some serious prestige. Two newly minted literary gurus will grace us with their presence next year — Jesmyn Ward on Jan. 17 and Viet Thanh Nguyen on May 7. So get those tickets. (The Stranger)

Nope. Not an emergency. Maybe you noticed that Facebook and Instagram went down for a bit yesterday. And maybe you thought that was a pretty big deal. But did it warrant a 911 call? A few people thought so. “We will move mountains to help those in our community,” Bothell police tweeted, “however we can’t fix Facebook.”  (KOMO)

‘People can’t budget their way out of this.’ The cost of daily life – especially for families – is going up way faster than what we make to pay for it. That’s the big takeaway from a University of Washington study on what it takes for people in our state to meet their basic needs. In Seattle, a family of four needs to bring in $75,000 to make it all work. But even in much-less-expensive Asotin County — a place in the southeast corner of our state where $49,000 will cover you — families “cannot get by on the state’s $11 hourly minimum wage,” the report says. (UW News)

Ever heard of a ‘tarn’? It’s a small lake on a mountain, and Mount Rainier looks stunning reflected in this one. (Reddit)


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🏙 10/26: Ampersand Live

🇺🇸 11/8: We the Public


🎨 10/12: West Seattle Art Walk

🎨 10/12: Capitol Hill Art Walk

🍺 10/12: Columbia City Pub Crawl & Night Market

🎭 10/12: Campfire: Improved Ghost Stories

🙌 10/13-14: Oktoberquest

🔬 10/13-15: The Science of Changing Your Mind

🍻 10/13: Night Lab: Board Games and Booze

🎭 10/14: Jet City Improv: The Nightmare Society

📚 10/14-15: Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair

👻 10/15: Nightmare at Beaver Lake

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Cheers, all. — The Evergrey

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