Where are all the fish? 🐟

Where are all the fish? 🐟

Now onto that other wild urban adventure: our election…

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Our local election season is in full swing. This year Seattleites are voting for a new mayor, city council candidates, city attorney, port commissioners, and school board members.

There’s nothing like hearing directly from the people who want your vote to help you decide if you want to give it to them. So check out this list of candidate forums we’ve rounded up for you between now and Election Day (Nov. 7). We bet you’ll find it handy.

Plus, we’ll be sharing out mayoral and city council candidates’ responses to questions asked by our Leadership Lab about how they lead and learn. So stay tuned…


Where are all the fish? Scientists who track how much salmon is in our waters don’t like what they’re seeing. Sometimes, nothing. “Three times we pulled that net up, and there was not a thing in it,” said one fishery manager. These are some of the lowest numbers they’ve recorded in a couple decades, and the effect of that on the rest of our ecosystem is something to worry about. (The Seattle Times)

Caught on video. “How do I report an attempted murder?” That’s what a man named David Seater tweeted to Seattle police after a scary night on his bike. He included a GoPro video that shows the driver of a pickup that was following David as he biked up Pine Street blare its horn and pass by really, really close. “I’ve lost count of the number of times over the past 37 years I’ve had some jerk do this kind of crap to me,” said one of several cyclists who replied on Twitter. Yike. (Seattle Bike Blog)

‘It was all just hanging on a string.’ Here’s a story about a family who moved to Seattle and didn’t have a stable place to stay. “My son would tell me all the time, ‘It’s okay mom, we’ll get past this. It’s just temporary. God’s got better for us,” said Tiffany Hicks, a mother of two kids and a brand new baby boy. They’re in a three-bedroom apartment now, and what they’ve been through says a lot about our city, which has the third-largest homeless population in the country. (KUOW)

What does ‘progressive’ mean, anyway? Local politicos are looking for some clarity. “‘Progressive’ is not a t-shirt you get to put on one day. It is years of fighting…being with and from communities pushing for change…and knowing how to make change,” wrote former mayoral candidate Nikkita Oliver, City Council candidate Teresa Mosqueda, and community organizer Aretha Basu. (The Stranger) Political comedian Brett Hamil has another take. “You ever repeat a word so many times it loses all meaning? That’s what Seattle did with ‘progressive.’” (South Seattle Emerald)

Goodbye, Cafe Racer. And thanks. A favorite hangout in the University District is closing after some really rough years. “Lord knows the café has had it’s ups and downs but it has been 14 years of art and music and community,” Cafe Racer’s owner, Kurt Geissel, wrote. “No one can take that away from us.” That community came together in a big way after a man shot and killed five people there in 2012. The cafe’s last day, Kurt said, is tomorrow. (Facebook)


Things to do


🍻 10/21: Big Brewers BIG Sippers Ballard Pub Crawl
🏙 10/26: Ampersand Live
🇺🇸 11/8: We the Public


🍜 10/17: Second Wave Podcast Party
😈 10/17: Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror
❤️ 10/17: How can you help end family homelessness?
🔎 10/18: Testing Testing 1-2-3
🌍 10/19: Brewing Resistance
🍫 10/19: Seattle Chocolates Haunted Factory Tour — SOLD OUT
👏 10/19: Ignite Seattle
⛰ 10/19: Hiking & Hops 
🎮 10/19: Seattle’s Best Damn Happy Hour
👻 10/20: MoPOP After Dark
🌃 10/20: Drake Nite at Chop Suey
🎃 10/21: Fall Festival in Occidental Square
🌏 10/21: Festal: Diwali — Lights of India
🕶 10/21: Dawn of the Superhero
🏠 10/21: Earthquake Home Retrofit Class
⛵️ 10/22: Sunday Public Sail
🐶 10/22: Alaska Airlines Dawg Dash

See more upcoming events (and submit your own) on our events page.


We’ll be at Ignite Seattle in Capitol Hill this Thursday to hear these fun five-minute talks on everything from sofas to the proximity principle to “How to Stay Calm Around Impossibly Annoying People” (which is really good, by the way — we caught a preview).

Our own Mónica Guzmán is one of the speakers (😊) and is giving all of you a big shoutout from the stage. Online tix are sold out but we’ve got five pairs with your name on ’em and would love to see you there. Want a couple (and sure you’ll use them?) Hit reply to claim yours before they’re gone!

See you tomorrow. — The Evergrey

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