Save the date for our anniversary party 🎉
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Save the date for our anniversary party 🎉

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The two-wheeled takeover continues. Seen all those green, yellow, and orange bikes around the city? They’re shareable bikes operated by LimeBike, Ofo, and Spin Bike, and they must be popular, ‘cause they’re multiplying. LimeBike and Spin just grew their fleet to 3,000 bikes each. (GeekWire)

Ready for The Big One? That’s what locals affectionately call the massive earthquake that could hit our region any minute. Few people know more about it than The Seattle Times’ Sandi Doughton, and she’s rounded up what your neighbors are doing to stay prepped ahead of a statewide earthquake drill at 10:19 a.m. tomorrow (yes, that’s a thing, and here’s how to register). Time to get inspired, all. (The Seattle Times)

Seattle’s only brick-and-mortar umbrella store is closing. How does that make sense in a place that’s famous for its rain? Because we’re also famous for hating umbrellas. “Every day somebody would come in and tell me it was stupid to have an umbrella store in Seattle because Seattleites don’t use umbrellas,” said a staffer at Bella Umbrella in Pike Place Market. I’ll just put this away then… 🌂 (The Seattle Times)

Look who’s new at the zoo. A greater one-horned rhinoceros is moving in next year. It’ll be the first rhino at our zoo in its 118-year history. (Woodland Park Zoo)

Love monster movies? The Grand Illusion Cinema in the University District is showing lots of ‘em in the run-up to Halloween. Among the headliners: a green-skinned vampire woman, a space slug, and a goth zombie. 👾 (City Arts)


Things to do


🍻 10/21: BIG Brewers BIG Sippers Ballard Pub Crawl
🏙 10/26: Ampersand Live
🇺🇸 11/8: We the Public


🔎 10/18: Testing Testing 1-2-3
🌍 10/19: Brewing Resistance
👏 10/19: Ignite Seattle — SOLD OUT
⛰ 10/19: Hiking & Hops 
🎮 10/19: Seattle’s Best Damn Happy Hour
👻 10/20: MoPOP After Dark
🌃 10/20: Drake Nite at Chop Suey
🎃 10/21: Fall Festival in Occidental Square
🌏 10/21: Festal: Diwali — Lights of India
🕶 10/21: Dawn of the Superhero
🏠 10/21: Earthquake Home Retrofit Class
⛵️ 10/22: Sunday Public Sail
🐶 10/22: Alaska Airlines Dawg Dash

See more upcoming events (and submit your own) on our events page.


That’s what the National Weather Service in Seattle is calling the wet weather that started yesterday and should have us thoroughly soaked by Thursday. It’s “one long stretch of moisture a few thousands miles long that will be hitting us in the face,” Dustin Guy of NWS told The Seattle Times. Umbrellas — uh, we mean, raincoats up! 🌧

Stay dry out there. — The Evergrey

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