What's changed for you since the 2016 election? 🇺🇸
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What's changed for you since the 2016 election? 🇺🇸

"Despite the inevitably challenging theme, we hope you’ll also leave feeling nourished and connected."

Want to take a moment to reflect with us? You can send us your thoughts by writing them here, or by recording them in two minutes or less using your smartphone’s voice recorder (or this online app) and emailing the file to us at [email protected] by next Monday, Oct. 30.

We’ll share your reflections back in the next couple weeks, and we’ll invite a few of you to share your thoughts out loud at an event called We The Public. It’s an art show and community reflection on American politics and dialogue at Westlake Plaza on Nov. 8.

We’re excited to be a part of it, and we hope you’ll join us there.

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Orange, yellow, or green? The brightly colored shared bikes that have pretty much taken over the city are operated by three different companies: Spin, Ofo, and LimeBike. So if you’ve got all three in front of you, and you want to take one for a ride, which do you choose? A local Reddit thread is starting to pick through the pros and cons of each. The consensus so far? Spin bikes are good for tall people, LimeBikes are good on hills, and Ofo bikes have a “sweet-ass cupholder.” (Reddit)

You can’t ski on dirt. Ski resorts are stepping up their fake snow-making game this winter. Why? “As we all know,” said the owner of Crystal Mountain, “things are warming up.” (Crosscut)

Get to know Seattle’s ghosts. Here’s a map of 16 places you can find them, including the Hotel Sorrento in First Hill, where a spirit haunts room 408, and Il Bistro downtown, where a dead thing lives in the dining room mirror. (Curbed Seattle)

You want to toll what now? Our city council is considering doing a study to see if we should charge people to drive on downtown streets. Yep, you read that right. Here’s what’s going on: You know that big freeway we’re building under the city (a.k.a. the thing that giant drill called Bertha created)? It’ll probably be tolled when it opens in 2019, which would push drivers to downtown streets. And how would the city control traffic on downtown streets? You guessed it. More tolls. 😳 (The Seattle Times)

A different kind of rent. More than 120 Seattleites are paying rent, in a sense, to our native Duwamish Tribe through a project called Real Rent Duwamish. It’s a fundraiser for the tribe wrapped in the idea that “the Duwamish are still here, and that this is their ancestral land to which they still have rights,” said one organizer. The average monthly “rent” in the project? $28. (The Stranger)

From existential murderers to the original “desperate housewife,” some of the most fascinating head cases can be found in classic books. Learn More ».
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Things to do

Check out this event from our advertiser, Forterra.

💥 Ampersand Live! An evening of edgy & nerdy unrehearsed stories & performances about the Pacific Northwest by all-local artists, writers, musicians, & more!


🎶 10/26: Ampersand Live
🇺🇲 11/7: Crosscut Election Night Party!
⚖ 11/8: Between Americans
🎉 11/29: The Evergrey Turns One!


😺  10/25: Pumpkin Carving With Cats
🏙  10/25: Tenant Rights Bootcamp
📹  10/26-11/2: Hump! Film Festival
💀  10/26: Zombie Crawl 2017
🛍  10/27:  Urban Craft Uprising Fall Market
🎼  10/27: Halloween Organ Concert
👻  10/27: 2017 FreakNight Festival
🐠  10/28: Aquarium Halloween
😈  10/28: Haunt at MoPOP
🐶  10/28: Dog-O-Ween 2017
🎃  10/28: Pumpkinfest Catapult Contest
😱  10/29: The Museum of Fright
🐯  10/29: Zoo Pumpkin Bash and Trick-or-Treating
🏃  10/29: Run Scared 5k / 10k

See more upcoming events (and submit your own) on our events page.


Last fall, Seattle’s Eric Liu started regular events called Civic Saturdays where people talk about what it means to contribute to civic life at a time when things feel extra strained and divisive.

The concept clicked, and now Eric’s org, Citizen University, is taking applications from across the country for a “civic seminary” to “prepare everyday citizens to lead their communities to renew a shared sense of civic power and moral purpose.” Know someone who’d be good for that? The deadline is Friday. And thanks to reader Audrey Carlsen for the tip.

We’ll see you tomorrow. — The Evergrey

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