Pop the champagne, book lovers 🍾

Pop the champagne, book lovers 🍾

Ready to elect our first female mayor in 89 years? Thanks for tagging #theevergrey, Jenna!


After reader George Perantatos talked with mayoral candidate Cary Moon, he said she came off as firm with her points of view, but kind in her approach to people around her. That stayed with him, he said, because it seems “a reasonable way to approach a climate where there’s a ton of different opinions and issues that are really complicated to solve.”

George was part of a group of Evergrey readers who jumped head-first into an experiment to talk to our candidates not about their policy platforms, but about their challenges and successes as leaders. They talked to mayoral hopefuls Jenny Durkan and Cary Moon and city council candidates Lorena González, Pat Murakami, Teresa Mosqueda, and Jon Grant.

“I got the sense of [Jenny] as a very strong, thoughtful leader,” reader Shana Bestock said. “I thought her answer about one of her failings, as she described, was the tendency to solve a problem without showing her work and skip directly to the solution without bringing everyone along. I empathize with that and respect it.”

Hear more of their takeaways by checking out each candidate’s post here.

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Pop the champagne, book lovers. Seattle just got named a Seattle City of Literature by UNESCO, otherwise known as the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Why is that a big deal? Only one other city in the U.S. claims that designation, and it opens us up to an international network of snazzy cultural exchanges. “The world is looking at Seattle as a cultural leader,” said Bob Redmond, who’s been working on earning Seattle this honor for years. “That should make us feel good.” (Seattle Review of Books)

That’s a lot of Ubers and Lyfts. A third of all ground transportation services at Sea-Tac Airport come from so-called Transportation Network Companies like Uber and Lyft. That’s just a year and a half after the airport started letting the companies pick people up there. (GeekWire)

‘At times it’s as if Black culture here is thoroughly under attack.’ The Central District is our city’s historically black neighborhood, and it’s been losing one community hub after another as real estate booms and people get pushed out. How can arts and culture organizations hold on to the heart of the neighborhood? Writer Jonathan Cunningham talked to leaders in the know for this in-depth look at a place that’s changing in ways it doesn’t want to. (City Arts)

Curious what your mayoral candidates think about race? It’s a big topic this election cycle, and two groups that focus on it got Cary Moon and Jenny Durkan to answer some pretty personal questions. “We want a mayor for everyone,” they wrote in the South Seattle Emerald about the results, “not just the people with the loudest money, the most access, the people you already know.” (Medium)

Free pizza alert. The Pagliacci Pizza in Madison Valley is giving away two *free* slices per person from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. tomorrow. Why? It’s turning 5 years old. Yaaay birthdays. 🍕 (Seattlepi.com)


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