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Nov. 8 marks one year since Election '16. Come to Westlake Park tonight (5-8:30 p.m.) to see art and performances reflecting on this past year. Learn More ».
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And your next mayor is… 🙋


At the end of this day last year, some Americans felt like they’d been punched in the gut. Others felt relief, like they finally had someone in their corner. Regardless of who we voted for, some of us made changes in our lives over the last year because of what happened on November 8, 2016. We asked you to share those with us last week, and we were floored by some of your reflections.

Rachel Baer became a crisis hotline counselor. Carla Regina dyed her hair blue. Dylan Wilbanks decided to crank up his old punk tunes again. And there’s more. Check out your fellow readers’ stories over on our Facebook page. Maybe you’ll get inspired to share your own…

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We made some choices. They’re still counting our votes from yesterday’s election, but some results look pretty clear. Local media are calling the mayor’s race for Jenny Durkan — even though fellow candidate Cary Moon hasn’t conceded yet — and Lorena González and Teresa Mosqueda look like they’ve clinched their spots on next year’s Seattle City Council. Want to know how these leaders will lead? Check out what your fellow Evergrey readers learned about Jenny’s, Lorena’s, and Teresa’s leadership styles. The next batch of results gets posted at 4 p.m. today. Find ‘em first on this King County Elections page.

‘I smoked a doobie here in 1976.’ That’s one old scrawl construction workers found on the steel beams that hold up the Space Needle. Our city’s favorite icon is going through a $100 million renovation — the biggest in its history — and Kurt Schlosser of GeekWire got to hang out with the people making it happen. Among the crazy things he got to do: climb down a hole in the floor of the SkyCity restaurant to stand on the donut-shaped scaffolding below the disc of the Needle. “Reaching up and touching this part of the structure,” he wrote, “was kind of breathtaking.” (GeekWire)

Are we going to get dumped on or what? Seattle just had the third earliest snowfall we’ve ever recorded. But don’t freak out. Early snow doesn’t mean lots of snow. At least, that’s what the experts say… ❄️ (The Seattle Times)

In news that will surprise no one… Our housing prices have gone up at a crazy rate. Again. They jumped 18 percent in the last year — and that’s just if you look at the whole city. Houses cost 21 percent more than they did a year ago in southeast Seattle, and a whopping 27 percent more in SoDo and Beacon Hill. (The Seattle Times)

Something about Seattle makes it amazing for artists. But what? KUOW’s asking musicians, artists, and anyone in Seattle who’s got that creative spark to speculate. One of our favorite answers so far comes from Intiman Theatre’s Andrew Russell. “A gift that the city gives you is that the city will not tell you what to do with yourself,” he says. “It requires that you get comfortable with what your internal artist is saying, and find a way to bring that to life.” (KUOW)

Climate change is scary—really scary. But this episode will make you rethink just how catastrophic it may be for the Pacific Northwest. Learn More ».
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Let's talk politics & sip hot chocolate! Nov. 8 marks one year since Election '16. Come to Westlake Park (Wed, 5-8:30pm) to see art and performances reflecting on this past year.

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