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It’s officially been a full year since we elected Donald Trump as president. All this week we’re sharing how our fellow Seattleites have reacted to the 2016 election.

And today we want to re-introduce you to reader Bo Zhang. She pulled together 24 people from across the country — 12 Hillary Clinton voters and 12 Trump voters — to talk to each other for a year about American culture and politics. The result? A project called Between Americans, which just launched on Wednesday.

Political and social divides feel deeper than ever lately, but, Bo managed to get folks to open up. The thing that most fascinated her? How often people brought up the isolation and loss of community they felt because of the election.

Here’s what she hopes people will get from her project: “It becomes clear that when you listen to all 24 of the interviews that there is literally no way all of them could get on the same page. I hope that is a healing truth.”

Read more about “Between Americans” here.

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Joe. Hank. Nick. That is how you pronounce the last name of Mitzi Johanknecht, the woman who is well on her way to unseating our current King County sheriff. (King County Elections has to count a few more ballots to be sure.) “Joe. Hank. Nick. Johanknecht. Like three guys’ names,” Mitzi says. Easy peasy. (The Seattle Times)

A taste of the impossible. Capitol Hill’s Rhein Haus serves something called the Impossible Burger. It’s impossible because even though it isn’t meat, it supposedly tastes just like it. The Stranger’s Katie Herzog gave it a try and … “My companion joked that it was what she imagined the insulation in her parents’ attic tasted like.” Hard pass. (The Stranger)

The Republican Party is dying in urban and suburban America.’ Chris Vance is the former chair of our state Republican party, and he’s no fan of President Trump. In fact, he’s working with something called the Centrist Project to find a third way between Republicans and Democrats. Now, he and others are looking at blue victories in nearby cities and seeing a pattern. (The Seattle Times)

Miley hearts Jenny. Miley Cyrus — yes, the Miley Cyrus — tweeted about our newly elected mayor and got, like, more than 3,200 likes: “Yassss #JennyDurkan. Last time Seattle elected a woman as mayor was in the ’20s & she is an out lesbian determined to do great things! Awesome role model! Congrats!” (Twitter)

Not into cooking? Make that Thanksgiving reservation NOW. You don’t want to be stuck getting take-out because you waited too long. Seattle Met is here to help with a list of 10 spots that do this holiday right. 🦃 (Seattle Met)

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