10 podcast episodes you gotta hear about Seattle 🎧


Ever wondered about the backstory to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back”? Or what it’s like to operate the Space Needle elevator? Or why Seattle’s crows act all crazy sometimes?

If so, you’re in luck: We put together your ideas to create this rad roundup of 10 podcast episodes that tell fascinating stories about our city.

Whether you’re new to Seattle — 👋 — or have lived here all your life, we think you’re bound to learn something new after queueing these up. Happy listening.

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That wind. One person was killed in yesterday’s wild wind storm, two others got seriously hurt, and tens of thousands of people lost power. Check out this outage map from Seattle City Light to see how repairs are going, and stay safe out there. (The Seattle Times)

Jenny Durkan’s next moves. She won last week’s race for mayor. And starting Nov. 28, the real work begins. What might you expect to see from Mayor Jenny Durkan? Here are some notes on what she could do with police reform, homelessness, and all that pressure from activists on the left. (The Seattle Times)

This’ll make you hungry. It’s a roundup of the 10 best restaurants to try in Ballard, which has become quite the mecca for fine dining. “Few restaurants have mastered ambience like this one,” Seattle Met raves about the French bistro Bastille. And Bitterroot, a barbecue and bourbon spot, is “designed like a mullet: businesslike consumption of ribs and brisket up front, party in the back bar.” Wait ’til you read about the actual food. (Seattle Met)

A mushroom farm in a tunnel? Construction crews are building a big highway under our city to replace the old and earthquake-prone Alaskan Way Viaduct. In the process, they’re going to disconnect and close off the Battery Street Tunnel in Belltown. But since a tunnel is a terrible thing to waste, people have been coming up with fun ideas on what to do with it. An “exotic mushroom farm” is just one. (Crosscut)

When you really want dessert. A woman wanted to buy ice cream at a convenience store in Capitol Hill, but the clerk told her the store was closed. So she came back. With a gun. No one got hurt, thank goodness. But The Stranger did turn the whole thing into a comic. (The Stranger)

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