What’s Seattle’s official bird? 🏗

What’s Seattle’s official bird? 🏗


Yesterday, we spotlighted 10 of the Seattle-iest podcast episodes to help you tune into your city. Today, we want to introduce you to some of the local podcasters who are making waves in the the Puget Sound and beyond.

These Seattle hosts dive into almost every subject. Marlo Mack talks about the beauty and societal struggles of raising a transgender daughter. Infamous sex advice columnist Dan Savage answers our most awkward questions. Sally Lee and Catherine Baker geek out about local events and fight the Seattle Freeze. Check ‘em out here and reply to this email with anyone we missed.

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A tax on that guest room. More of us are renting out beds and whole apartment units on sites like Airbnb. In fact, 2,000 more of these short-term rentals were on the market this August than last April. But could too many one-off space shares make it harder for a bonafide Seattle renter to find a place to live? That’s one thing our city council considered when it passed a new tax on short-term rentals — $8 per night for a bedroom and $14 per night for a whole unit. Next up, the council’s going to figure out if it wants to cap the number of Airbnb units that any one local can rent out. (GeekWire)

What’s Seattle’s official bird? The construction crane! Ba dum tss. A new poll is out with insights into what we locals think about our city’s growth. Among the highlights: 7 out of every 10 locals think the city wasn’t ready for it, and half the respondents think it’s been bad for the region. Yikes. (Seattlepi.com)

All our funky buildings. Seattle doesn’t do conventional, and that goes for our architecture as much as anything else. Scan down this list of 21 iconic local buildings and you’ll see some of the usual suspects, like our blobby MoPOP building and that glassy, sharp downtown library. But you’ll also find some surprises, like the neo-renaissance Queen Anne High School building and that Taco Time in Wallingford The Urbanist once called “an affront to all that is good and holy in design.” 😳 (Curbed Seattle)

Look what you made me do. Taylor Swift is coming to CenturyLink on May 22, tickets go on sale Dec. 13, and you can pre-register for them here through Nov. 28. Apparently these’ll sell out fast ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (KING 5)

Into the unknown. Well, not entirely. Anthony Bourdain, the famous chef and globetrotter, visited Seattle in September for his TV show “Parts Unknown.” CNN will air the episode on Nov. 19, and it includes  a taste of the delectable dishes at Mamnoon in Capitol Hill and — of course — a visit to a local cannabis farm. Here’s a sneak peek. (The Stranger)

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Good news, snow fiends: Crystal Mountain — the biggest ski resort in our state — is opening up for skiing and snowboarding today. And another four feet of snow is expected to fall on the slopes over the week. Here’s what’s new at the mountain this season.

Get after it.  — The Evergrey

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