The most fascinating video you’ll see all week 🏙

The most fascinating video you’ll see all week 🏙

Ricardo Martin Brualla’s three-year timelapse is one of the coolest Seattle videos we’ve seen, ever.


Seattleite Ricardo Martin Brualla published something amazing yesterday — a three-year timelapse of our booming city you’ve got to see to believe.

Ricardo used public panoramic photos of Seattle that’ve been taken from the top of the Space Needle since 2015. Then he went to work, smoothing out edges, blending in colors and light, and creating a series of neighborhood close-ups that show off Seattle’s growth spurt in incredible detail.

Ricardo wrote this Medium post explaining how he made the video. And when we reached out, wide-eyed, with some questions, he took some time from his day at Google’s Fremont office to answer.

> What led you to want to spend all this energy crafting such a painstaking (and beautiful) timelapse?

This is follow-up work from my thesis in creating time-lapse videos from Internet photos (see this project). I first prototyped a time-lapse of the webcam footage in May 2015, but at that moment, the webcam had been up only 5 months!

> While we locals don’t see our city grow as quickly as it does in the video, we do sense it as we notice things changing. What’s one way that you’ve felt the city change since you moved here?

Love this question. I am really impressed by how much Denny Triangle and South Lake Union have changed. When I got here in 2010, it was mostly industrial area, and I wondered — why are there huge car dealerships a 15 minute walk from Westlake? No one wants to live here? It did not make any sense to me, and now it has all changed.

> You grew up in Madrid, Spain, so Seattle must be pretty different. What’s something you’ve discovered here that you appreciate?

I really like looking from a viewpoint in the city and seeing so many trees! Like the view from UW’s Drumheller Fountain towards the Arboretum and Mount Rainier. You see mostly trees and a few houses behind them. Madrid is very different!

Thanks to reader Brian Fisher for helping point us to this clip. Run across something delightful in your city? Help us share it! Hit reply or email [email protected].

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Fun fact: In 2017, Seattle won the title for the second most depressing winter in the United States. While we wouldn’t go that far, we kinda get it. With the holidays behind us, it can be easy to fall into a wintry slump under all these clouds and rain.

We want to put together a guide to help you all make the most of Seattle’s winter — whether you’re one of the 12 percent of Seattleites who love the rain or you’re dreading hermitting for the next three months.

Do you love the rain and grey? Want to help your neighbors, whether they love, hate, or simply tolerate the weather, embrace Seattle’s winter a little more? Tell us what you love about this time of year at [email protected] and we’ll work to share your wisdom back.

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Back in 2016, several of you made doodles of something you wanted to do in Seattle in 2017. We’ve been sharing out some of your resolution success stories this week, and here’s one more from reader Eva Conner. Eva told us she wanted to join the board of a local nonprofit in 2017, which is no easy task. But when we check in with her last month, she had great news.

“YES, I did it!” she wrote.

“I was looking for a nonprofit board opportunity in early 2017 when I received a listserv email that launched an amazing connection. I’m now VP of the board for Mother Africa, a community-led organization that supports African refugee & immigrant women and their families. I have learned so much about the experience of new Americans, met many amazing and resilient families, and found new purpose in my community. I’m so glad I opened up for the opportunity!”

Hell yes. Nice work, Eva. (She’s third from the right in the board pic below, by the way).

Go make your mark, all. We’ll see you next week. — The Evergrey

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