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Hills be damned 🚴🏽

Thanks for tagging #theevergrey, John!


“I didn’t realize how much I liked seafood until yesterday,” John “Buddy” Beck told us. He’s been sampling the dishes in Dine Around Seattle’s Shellfish Showcase, which is serving up fishy flavors at 40 restaurants through Jan. 25.

John found these mussels at Tankard & Tun, and they come with a kick — liquor from Valley Shine Distillery up in Mount Vernon. “Hadn’t had anything like it before,” he said. John’s also tried shrimpy deliciousness at Red Cedar & Sage, and his next stop is Girin Ssam Bar in Pioneer Square. 🍤

Take the bait yet? Let’s see what else is up.

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This is a good sign. Allow us to introduce you to one of our weirder local landmarks. Drive by the Wallingford Chevron on North 45th Street and you can’t miss it: Just look for one of the pithy messages the gas station’s owners have been posting on their curbside sign every week or so for years. “The Wallingford Chevron knows me too well,” one Redditor wrote this week. The sign’s message? “Don’t give up on your dreams. Keep sleeping.” (WallingfordSign.com)

Our neighbor’s the richest ever. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now richer than anyone’s been, ever, in all of human history. How rich? Try $105.1 billion. Worth noting: Bill Gates could be worth even more — in the neighborhood of $150 billion — if he hadn’t, you know, given so much money to good causes. (GeekWire)

Hills be damned. Two of the companies that run rentable fleets of bikes in Seattle are adding new bikes with electric-assist. Translation: these bikes push themselves up hills so you don’t have to. (You have to pedal some to activate the motor, but still, less calf burn!) The new bikes should be coming soon, and change two-wheeled commuting as we know it. (Seattle Bike Blog)

You won’t believe your pies. The Instagram account @lokokitchen is run by Seattleite Lauren Ko, who fills it with photos of pastries she decorates with insanely complex geometric designs. You won’t believe she’s gotten 112,000 followers with just 37 posts … until you see these pies. She bakes new ones on the weekends, so stay hungry. 😍 (Munchies)

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It takes a great dawg to be a University of Washington Husky mascot. There’s the hectic game days, lots of paws to shake, and all those kids wanting cuddles.

Dubs, who’s been the Huskies’ mascot for almost 10 years — just announced he’s retiring after the end of this football season. Enjoy the break, bud. You’ve earned it.

We’ll see you all tomorrow. — The Evergrey

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