What neighborhood is this, anyway? 🗺


At The Evergrey, we’re constantly scrolling through city maps so we can tell you what neighborhood things are in. We’ve found that’s a handy, shorthand way to give you a sense of how far you have to go to get to them. There’s just one problem: Neighborhoods — even the most familiar ones — can be hard to pin down.

So we took some screenshots of our city on Google Maps and posted them to Facebook, with a question: What did Google get wrong? Lots of you replied with odd things you’d noticed.

> “I’ve never heard anyone refer to the ‘Harrison’ area,” wrote Christina Anne.

> “The map is also missing North Beacon Hill (very much its own neighborhood north of Jefferson Park), Rainier Beach, and Alaska Junction,” wrote Robert Letchworth.

And then there’s something a few of you pointed out: Where the heck is the Central District, one of the most culturally significant neighborhoods in the city?

We’re just as confused as you are. And to try to get to the bottom of this, we’re visiting Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods later today and interviewing director Kathy Nyland. Got something you’d like us to bring up? Hit reply or email us at [email protected], or just leave a comment on our Facebook post. We’ll be sharing your questions with Kathy.

Wish us luck! 🔎

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Bad bike racks. The city put new bike racks under a bridge in Belltown last fall, and a neighbor noticed two things: No cyclists ever used them, and they’d gone up in a spot where unsheltered locals used to camp. Thanks to his digging and The Stranger’s reporting, we now know that the city put the bike racks there precisely to keep campers out. Is that OK? The Stranger asked our mayor and city councilmembers, and their answer is a resounding no. “Bike racks should be deployed to support and encourage biking – not used as impediments,” Mayor Jenny Durkan said. (The Stranger)

Know your farmers. We urbanites are big fans of food that grows on family farms. But how much do we know about the farms themselves? Crosscut columnist Knute Berger returned some of the empty milk bottles he buys at his Capitol Hill co-op all the way up to the farm that actually makes it — Twin Brook Creamery near Lynden, Washington. What’s on Puget Sound farmers’ minds these days? What do they make of the urban-rural divide? Read on to find out. (Crosscut)

Help a restaurant out. The Sunlight Cafe in Roosevelt is the longest-running vegetarian restaurant in the city, and it’s got some big bills to pay as it moves around the corner this spring. An Indiegogo campaign is helping it get support from its fans, and so far Sunlight’s raised 44 percent of its $75,000 goal. You got less than a week to help out and claim your perk — like a bottle of their lemon tahini. Mm-hm. Thanks to readers Don Goldberg and Sally James for the tip! (Indiegogo)

Raise a glass to an old dame. There used to be a peepshow downtown called the Lusty Lady. It closed in 2010 after 25 years, and was known citywide for the saucy quips it put on its big pink marquee: “Every miss is a hit.” “Thanks for the mammories.” And so on. Now, a new cocktail bar is slated to open in The Lusty Lady’s former basement later in 2018. It’ll be called the Pink Lady, and it’s gonna be “pretty, without being too ornamental.” Just to honor the old girl. (Seattle Met)

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It’s going to be a wet and windy one today.

Go make it awesome. — The Evergrey

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