Five volcanoes, one pic 😍

Five volcanoes, one pic 😍

This amazing group peak pic was taken by reader and photographer Josh Trujillo. He was flying into Seattle from China last month just as the sunrise was painting these mountains’ silhouettes over miles and miles of our region:

“Through the starboard windows of our Boeing 777 passengers could see the entire line of Pacific Northwest volcanoes as we approached the Olympic Peninsula. It looked like the profile of a relief map — I just wanted to run my hand over it from 30,000 feet,” Josh wrote.

“Nothing says welcome home like five familiar volcanoes standing like sentinels over the sunrise.”

That’s just … wow. Captured something stunning you want to share with your city? Tag #theevergrey or email it to us at [email protected]

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Fix the ferries. You know what isn’t fun? Waiting in line for the ferry and watching it leave half-full without you. But that’s what’s been happening at the Washington State Ferries terminal in West Seattle. What’s the issue? An old design, a small dock, and a decision to prioritize leaving on time over not leaving anyone behind. “If there was a simple fix, it would have been fixed,” a ferries spokesman said. Sigh. (The Seattle Times)

Psst. Ballard lovers. Check this out. The MyBallard blog has been busy updating its list of guides to the ‘hood. Among the highlights are roundups of top breweries, restaurants, schools, orgs, and even a new-ish and buzzing Ballard Facebook group. Good stuff. (MyBallard)

A look at the future. An architectural designer named David Boynton has been making some fascinating 3D photo illustrations of our city. They show buildings that are still under construction snuggled up — in final form — next to buildings that have been there for years. We’re all kind of obsessed with our runaway growth these days, so naturally, his images have gotten thousands of views of Flickr. “I’m so excited that my little passion project has gained so much traction,” David told us. Check out this Q&A for more. (GeekWire)

Go Sockeyes? A blog post out of Detroit is giving Seattle something to talk about. It’s by a Detroit hockey fan who keeps an eye on domain name registrations related to the sport. Last week, he noticed that the Oak View Group — a.k.a. the people who are going to redevelop KeyArena so it can host a new Seattle NBA or NHL team — registered 38 domains representing 13 Seattle-themed names. Translation? Somebody thinks these could be the names of a future local hockey team. Seattle hasn’t applied to start an NHL team yet, so it’s all up in the air. Still. We’d happily root for the Seals, Sockeyes, or ooh — Kraken! (

And speaking of hockey … Yesterday we told you that the Seattle Metropolitans, a pro hockey team that played from 1915 to 1924 — were the first team to win the Stanley Cup, back in 1917. But they were actually the first U.S. team to win it, after Canadians had been trading it back and forth for years. Thanks to reader Greg Scruggs for the fix!


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🏙 Feb. 2-3: Crosscut Festival (Psst — Evergrey readers get 25% off!)



🎵  Feel the groove at this weekly funk/soul night (Fremont)
🎈  Catch “The Little Prince” at the children’s theater (Queen Anne)
🗣  Hear real stories about good ideas gone wrong (Capitol Hill)


🎈  Rock out with the kids at Karaoke Family Night (Hillman City)
👋  Meet 20 fellow professionals in two hours (University District)
🎨  Get texts from space at the sculpture park (Belltown)


🏞  Brush up on all things hunting and fishing (Puyallup)
💪  Learn how to grow an edible garden (Crown Hill)
🍻  Try weird beers at the Strange Brewfest (Port Townsend)


🎈  Take the kids to a lot of awesome movies (Capitol Hill)
🏞  Get nautical at the Seattle Boat Show (All over)
💡  Hear from a leader of the International Space Station (Downtown)

Going to one of these?

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The construction “crane.” Ba-dum-tss!

Thanks to everyone who tackled the public officials puzzle in yesterday’s newsletter (check it out here if you missed it) and kudos to the 63 of you who sent us the right answer. We drew our winner at random and … drumroll please … it’s Justin Resnick!

Justin gets two $95 tickets to next week’s big Crosscut Festival. Congrats, Justin! Oh, and we have to give a shoutout to Gabriel Scheer and Sara Gentzler, who sent us the first correct answers at 7:35 a.m. That’s speedy, yo.

We’ll see you tomorrow. — The Evergrey

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