Check out those pentagonal hexecontahedrons 👀

Check out those pentagonal hexecontahedrons 👀


Say it with us: “pentagonal hexecontahedron.” That’s the shape of the steel frame holding up the massive Amazon Spheres downtown. They’ve got five floors, 2,643 panes of glass, and enough height to house a 49-foot-tall ficus named Rubi.

The Spheres are also people’s offices — an Amazon experiment in the future of work.

We’re taking the first public tour at 10 a.m. So put us on assignment: What do you most want to know about this new, weird feature of our cityscape? Which corner (ha!) of the Spheres do you most want us to explore? We’re not going to break any tour rules, of course, but we’ll go as far as our respectful curiosity can take us.

Check out the Spheres site and this story from GeekWire if you want more info, then hit reply to send us your questions or drop them in our Facebook thread.

Want to tour the Spheres yourself? They’re booked solid through next week, but you can sign up for ‘em here (hit the button under “Countdown to Opening”).

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Pony up. Bad news, all. It now costs 53 percent more to buy stuff around here than the national average. That’s according to the latest iteration of the Cost of Living Index, as broken down by FYI Guy Gene Balk. Our fine city is now the sixth most expensive place to live in the country, and we’re the most expensive place for a couple choice items: haircuts, dry cleaning, and burgers. (The Seattle Times)

She’s a local?! So this is delightful: The woman who stars opposite Ed Sheeran in the video for his mega hit “Shape of You” started off as a production assistant who was helping to cast the role. Then the director realized that Jennie Pegouskie herself would be perfect. Watch her own those badass hanging sit-ups in the boxing gym, and you’ll see why. 💪 (KING 5)

Represent. President Trump’s State of the Union address is tonight, and Seattleite Leah Griffin is going to be there. After being sexually assaulted a few years ago, Leah couldn’t believe what services our local hospitals didn’t have to help her. Senator Patty Murray invited her to the address, and she hopes she can give hope to other survivors of sexual assault. “Doing this work before this movement and after this movement is like living in two different worlds,” Leah said, referring to everything that’s been shifting around the #MeToo movement. “And I think the world is going to get a lot better.” (Q13)

What’s your favorite Northwest way to die? We can be academic about natural disasters, or we can point out just how effing real the threat of earthquakes, volcanoes, mudslides, falling trees, and more (so much more!) is around here and try to, you know, laugh it off. Enter columnist Ron Judd. Save this one for a down moment. (The Seattle Times)

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🏙 Feb. 2-3: Crosscut Festival (Psst — Evergrey readers get 25% off!)



💪  Learn how to design a board game (Queen Anne)
💪  Get trained on first aid after disasters (Beacon Hill)
🍻  Win at “Friends” trivia (Capitol Hill)


👋  Say hey to our new state poet laureate (Downtown)
💡  Learn the trippy history of cannabis (University District)


🎨  Take your pick of First Thursday art events (All over)
🎵  Try out a “silent disco” (Capitol Hill)


🎟  Watch an amazing laser opera (Queen Anne)
🎟  Catch a drag dating game show (Downtown)


🍴  Eat ice cream for breakfast in your PJs (Ballard)
🗣  Geek out on civics at the Crosscut Festival (First Hill) — and check out our session!
🎵  Hear video game tunes from an orchestra (Fremont)
🍿  Watch films by indigenous creators (Capitol Hill)


🎈  See the “I Hate Children Children’s Show” (Ballard)
💪  Make art with family pics (Central District)
🎈  Hear some of Seattle’s best kids’ music (West Seattle)
🍿  Oh yeah. Watch the SuperBowl (TV)

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Not everyone’s got Broadway smash cash lying around for what sounds like the greatest show ever produced in the history of the known universe.

So listen up: For just $10 you can register for a lottery to see Hamilton at the Paramount Theatre Feb. 6 through March 18. Here are all the details. If you win, please let us know so we can all be jealous. In a nice way.

See you tomorrow. — The Evergrey

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