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Underwhelmed by Understory. We went to the first public tour of those big Amazon Spheres yesterday, and we’ll be honest. It was a letdown. Along with lots of other people who’d signed up for the visit, we thought it would include a peek inside the botanical paradise that makes up the vast majority of the orbs’ indoor space. Instead, the “tour” was just unguided access to “Understory,” a small, one-room exhibit area inside the base of the Spheres. We learned some good stuff in there (here’s our video), and an Amazon staffer named Meghan answered a bunch of the questions you sent us (see our Facebook thread). But several visitors who asked when they’d get to go inside the main space looked surprised — and pretty bummed — to hear they couldn’t. The Spheres’ website could be a lot more clear on this point, and Amazon staffers told us they’d pass that feedback onto PR.

“I and many others there, children especially, were disappointed that we were not getting a tour of the spheres,” reader Leslie Rorty wrote us. Reader Tina Vlasaty said she saw people arguing with the staff. “It felt like we got to visit the gift shop and not the museum,” Tina wrote. “Kind of a metaphor for Amazon’s relationship with the city.”

So. To everyone who’s signed up for to visit Understory: It’s not a walk-around tour of the Amazon Spheres. It’s a trip to the visitor center. We checked with staff, and the only way to access the large Spheres workspace if you don’t work at Amazon is to sign up for the Amazon HQ tour… which is booked through the summer. 😩 Looks like we rode this enthusiasm train right up to a closed door, all. Hope Amazon clears things up quick. P.S. — while we were there we ran into Seattle Sketcher Gaby Campanario, who was also underwhelmed. Check out his take here.

Know your POPS. Like to go off the beaten path? There are dozens of so-called “privately owned public spaces” downtown — hidden courtyards, public views way up a skyscraper, that kind of thing. Curbed Seattle mapped their five favorites, including the “crown jewel,” the open-air garden at the IDX Tower on Fourth and Madison. “The whole thing is just a big concrete slab with a grassy rectangle platform in the middle, but it’s still an absolute urban oasis.” (Curbed Seattle)

Another wild stat about our housing market. Our area’s had the country’s biggest hikes in home prices now for 15 months in a row. That’s the longest streak for any part of the country since 2001. Yike. (The Seattle Times)

Meet the Hoodwitch. Her name is Bri Luna. She’s “a witch, a bruja, a magic-maker, a living goddess.” She works in Pioneer Square. And with witchcraft getting trendy lately, she’s kind of a big deal. Check out City Arts’ cover story on one of the most interesting women in Seattle. We kinda want those nails. 💅 (City Arts)

Things to do


🏙 Feb. 2-3: Crosscut Festival (Psst — Evergrey readers get 25% off!)



👋  Say hey to our new state poet laureate (Downtown)
💡  Learn the trippy history of cannabis (University District)


🎨  Take your pick of First Thursday art events (All over)
🎵  Try out a “silent disco” (Capitol Hill)


🎟  Watch an amazing laser opera (Queen Anne)
🎟  Catch a drag dating game show (Downtown)


🍴  Eat ice cream for breakfast in your PJs (Ballard)
🗣  Geek out on civics at the Crosscut Festival (First Hill) — and check out our session!
🎵  Hear video game tunes from an orchestra (Fremont)
🍿  Watch films by indigenous creators (Capitol Hill)


🎈  See the “I Hate Children Children’s Show” (Ballard)
💪  Make art with family pics (Central District)
🎈  Hear some of Seattle’s best kids’ music (West Seattle)
🍿  Oh yeah. Watch the SuperBowl (TV)

Going to one of these?

Send us a pic or tag #theevergrey. See more upcoming events (and submit your own) on our events page.


Have a good one, all. — The Evergrey

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