We’re crossing city limits for Coke? 🤔

We’re crossing city limits for Coke? 🤔

Whether you love or dread Seattle’s winter, we wanna help you take on this season with intention. Thanks for the wise words, Bo!


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Meet our new state poet laureate. Claudia Castro Luna is the first person of color to be our state’s head poet, and she’s already done some amazing public work as Seattle’s first civic poet — like this Seattle Poetic Grid that maps poets’ meditations on different parts of the city. Here’s a timely poem she posted last February: “Washington’s Winter.” (Cipota Bajo La Luna)

‘Seattle wasn’t a home.’ Michael Perera spent six of his 13 years in our state feeling detached, burned out, and miserable. “One year, one of the few Christmas cards I received was from my immigration attorney’s office,” he said. But he stayed. And now, he’s good. Michael gave a talk earlier this month about how he found his place here, and this transcript is worth the read. “To find a city that accepts your life,” Michael said, “can change your world.” (KUOW)

Make your neighborhood more awesome. Tomorrow’s the deadline to submit a project idea to something called Your Voice Your Choice. That’s a city initiative that sets aside $3 million to fund parks and streets projects that us Seattleites say we want done. The form’s just a few fields, so if there’s something about your neighborhood that could use some TLC, it should only take a minute. 🙂 (Department of Neighborhoods)

Soda wars. There’s a new tax on sugary drinks that’s driven up the price of soda in the city by quite a bit. And there’s a place in West Seattle where you can see one result — Seattleites are crossing the border for Coke. “Get your drinks here,” reads a sign on a Bartell Drugs just outside city limits. “No sugar tax.” (The Seattle Times)

Tonya Harding 🎶. KEXP, our hometown indie station, picked a noteworthy song of the day yesterday: “Tonya Harding (in Eb major)” by Sufjan Stevens. Sufjan wrote it for I, Tonya, the excellent movie that’s out now about the figure skater who got wrapped up in an attack on her rival Nancy Kerrigan. You probably know some of the details, but did you know that Tonya — now Tonya Price — lives not too far away in Battle Ground, Washington? (KEXP)

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🏙 Feb. 2-3: Crosscut Festival (Psst — Evergrey readers get 25% off!)

Around Town


🎨  Take your pick of First Thursday art events (All over)
🎵  Try out a “silent disco” (Capitol Hill)


🎟  Watch an amazing laser opera (Queen Anne)
🎟  Catch a drag dating game show (Downtown)


🍴  Eat ice cream for breakfast in your PJs (Ballard)
🗣  Geek out on civics at the Crosscut Festival (First Hill) — and check out our session!
🎵  Hear video game tunes from an orchestra (Fremont)
🍿  Watch films by indigenous creators (Capitol Hill)


🎈  See the “I Hate Children Children’s Show” (Ballard)
💪  Make art with family pics (Central District)
🎈  Hear some of Seattle’s best kids’ music (West Seattle)
🍿  Oh yeah. Watch the SuperBowl (TV)

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