Old bridge, new lights 🌟

Old bridge, new lights 🌟

Jay Inslee turns 67 years old today, and at 12:30 p.m., he’s going to celebrate by sharing birthday cake with his staff. Other than that, his spokesman Simon Vila told us, “he’s got a pretty usual day at the office.”

So who is Jay Inslee other than Washington’s 23rd governor? He’s a dad to three grown boys, a grandfather to three kiddos, a husband to his “high school sweetheart,” and a pretty active guy all around. He’s big on basketball, cycling, and going on hikes with the fam.

Want to contact his office to share your take on state issues, or — ooh! — “request a ceremonial proclamation”? Here’s how you can reach out.

“We’re keeping him busy,” Simon told us. “We might let him go to his house and hang out with his grandkids — which is his favorite thing to do.” 🎂

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Convictions be gone. If you got convicted of a minor pot-related crime in Seattle before became legal in 2012, you just got some good news. Starting next week, all convictions for misdemeanor marijuana crimes are getting “vacated.” That means you won’t have to tell employers, landlords, or border agents about them anymore. And for black Seattleites, in particular, that’s going to make a difference: Blacks use drugs about as much as whites, but are three times more likely to get arrested for it. “This is really a necessary step to right the wrongs of a failed war on drugs,” Mayor Jenny Durkan said. (Crosscut)

Do that Oscar prep. Need to recover from a long week? Invite friends or book a babysitter and head on out to Seattle’s cinemas. The Oscars are just three weeks away, and those nine Best Picture nominees aren’t going to watch themselves. Here’s where to go to see what. (The Stranger)

Take us home. The Seattle Times is doing some amazing reporting on homelessness in the city, and their latest story is about a group it’s hurting more than most: Native Americans. Our Native neighbors make up less than 1 percent of our county, but 6 percent of our county’s homeless population. And when it comes to helping them out, there’s a pretty glaring trust problem: If federal, state, and local governments had been displacing your relatives for centuries, would you go to them to help you find a home? The city just gave more money to homeless service orgs led by Native Americans who want to help Native Americans, but even that’s tricky: Non-discrimination rules say you can’t pick and choose who you serve based on race. Still, Native-led orgs like Chief Seattle Club and Mother Nation are finding workarounds. “Trust is better to establish when you have faces that look like yours,” said Esther Lucero, who leads the Seattle Indian Health Board. (The Seattle Times)

Old bridge, new lights. The old Fremont Bridge is dressing up for its centennial — with lights. Two local artists, Hayley Buckbee and Ian Campbell, designed the lights along the bridge to reflect “seasonal, solar, and lunar patterns.” How fun is that? 🌟 (The Seattle Times)

Things to do



🎶  Jazz it up before Valentine’s Day (South Lake Union)
🎟  See a burlesque “Romeo and Juliet” (Downtown)
🎈  Ring in the Lunar New Year (International District)
👋  Laugh along with an undocumented activist (Capitol Hill)


👋  Be the best neighbor ever (All over)
🌲  Take a photowalk through Volunteer Park (Capitol Hill)
🗣  Ask all your housing q’s at the South Seattle Home Fair (South Seattle)


🍻  Mix beer and chocolate (Downtown)
🎶  Hear symphonies of Asian music (Downtown)
🎈  Celebrate the Year of the Dog (International District)

Going to one of these?

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While this week’s weather may have felt dreary, it’s this grey, rainy season that allows our region to explode with color in springtime.

Reader Elaine Thompson, who moved here from Southern California years ago, knows what we’re talking about.

“I do miss the ever present sun,” Elaine wrote in our Embrace the Grey Facebook group, “but one thing I truly appreciate is the intensity of color that the grey promotes. Seriously. Look out your window or go outside and really look at the landscape and look at the color of the trees, the buildings, the water, the mountains… you do not get that kind of color in California.”

Today, we’re challenging members of the Embrace the Grey Facebook group to plant some bulbs in or outside their homes. Want to participate and let us know what you plant? Join the group and share away!

Have a great green weekend, all. — The Evergrey

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