‘Give us more housing’ ✊

‘Give us more housing’ ✊

Now that’s some 💪.


Congrats to Tony Matesi, this month’s Instagram challenge winner and, fittingly, a member of our Embrace the Grey group. He reeled in 335 likes with this feat of strength, which he pulled off after a 6.5 mile run through Golden Gardens park earlier this month. The Evergrey team is sore on your muscles’ behalf, Tony.

Now here’s a little more from our winner:

What are the moments in Seattle that make you stop and take a picture?

“The moments that usually stop me and make me want to take a picture are when the mountains are out, looking all spectacular and majestic. Whether it’s the Olympics, Rainier or Baker or other areas of the Cascades, seeing the mountains out in all their glory will instantly have me getting whatever camera I have available out to shoot.”

What do you do to beat back the grey in and around Seattle?

“Well, I don’t really spend too much time getting ‘cozy.’ I like to stay very active so my idea of ‘cozy’ is a bit askew, but the closest thing I get to ‘cozy’ is probably a night of hot yoga at Be One Yoga in Kirkland. Getting a nice good sweat in is my idea of getting ‘cozy’ during a Seattle winter.”

Big thanks to our other finalists, Colleen McDevitt, Jim Hamerlinck, Dr. Gary Marshall, and the other 70 of you who participated in this month’s #EvergreyChallenge on Instagram.

Stay tuned for the next challenge. And to see more awesome photos from our city, head to our Instagram page @the_evergrey and give us a follow. 😉

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Boom. A lot of tension’s been building up between people who can afford to live in our ever-pricier city and people who can’t — and want to. That tension exploded, in Internet terms, when a Fremont newbie named Angela Elson wrote this piece in The Seattle Times. Her argument? A new project that’s going to cram 26 units in two lots in her neighborhood is going to be awkward and will force people to live in spaces that are just too darn small. The story’s heated comments, and these tweets, and this rebuttal in The Stranger, and this other one in The Urbanist (whew!), show how a lot of people are hearing all that — like a privileged concern our bursting city just can’t take anymore. “Give us more housing,” wrote The Urbanist’s Doug Trumm. “Spare us the sob story about neighborhood character.”

Wherever you live, and however you feel about how the city should tackle our housing crisis, this is a really fascinating conversation to follow. So if you’ve got some time, start with Angela’s piece, work your way through some responses, and let us know where you land. Free tonight? Check out The Urbanist’s monthly meetup. Pretty sure this’ll be a topic. Thanks to reader Larry Swanson for the heads-up.

Go forth and ‘heart bomb.’ Heart bombing is when people make love notes for places they adore, then deliver them in one big show of support. There’ll be a coordinated heart bombing at C&P Coffeehouse today at noon to shower the West Seattle hot spot with love as it tries to save itself. C&P’s owners have raised $76,000 of the $240,000 they need to keep the place open. Another heart bomb’s converging on Hattie’s Hat — the oldest continually-run restaurant in Ballard — at 8 a.m. on Valentine’s Day. Want to heart bomb these or your own fave Seattle spots this week? Take a pic and tag #heartbombSEA to share the love. ❤

Hills schmills. LimeBike, one of the three companies that operate fleets of shareable bikes around the city, just put out its first batch of electric-assist bikes this weekend. What are those, you ask? Bicycles that push themselves up hills, with just a little bit of help from your oh-so-grateful calves. “My goal here is to remove cars from the road, period,” LimeBike’s director of partnerships told Curbed Seattle. Whoa. One gear at a time. (Curbed Seattle)

Mix it up, music fans. It’s pretty common these days to go to a local show and see a bunch of acts that all fit the same genre. But what if more shows gave fans a grab bag of sounds? Mixed bills might become more of a thing as show organizers try to keep fans’ attention, but it doesn’t always work out. Taylar Elizza Beth once played a great show with other hip-hop artists at the W Hotel, she told Michael Rietmulder of The Seattle Times. But when she came back to open for an indie rock set, “There was a bunch of old, rich white people in there and they didn’t want to hear anything I had to say.” (The Seattle Times)


Things to do



🎶  Fill up on Fat Tuesday (Columbia City)
💡  Get the lowdown on Chinese “soul food” (Downtown)
💡  Ask how we’re tackling climate change (University District)


🍴  Dine out somewhere awesome (OpenTable)
💡  Learn the history of monogamy (Capitol Hill)
🎟  Laugh it up at an improv festival (University District)
🌲  Take a dinner cruise (Kirkland/Seattle)


🎈  Take the fam to Lunar New Year (Lake City)
💪  Learn how to run a food truck (Rainier Beach)


🎥  See a festival of classic noir flicks (Capitol Hill)
💃  Dance with fellow LGBTQ folks (Capitol Hill)


💪  Boost your BBQ game (Leschi)
🎈  Let your kids loose on Legos (Capitol Hill)
🗣  Hear what’s up in Africatown (Central District)
🎈  Say happy birthday to an orangutan (Phinney Ridge)


🌲  Dig in to gems and gold (Monroe)
💪  Grow an edible garden (Crown Hill)
😳  Do a bare-skinned bungee jump (Canada, via ferry!)

Going to one of these?

Send us a pic or tag #theevergrey. See more upcoming events (and submit your own) on our events page.


It’s Mardi Gras! 🎉 The Stranger’s rounded up a bunch of fun places to celebrate, like Ivar’s in Wallingford, Fat’s Chicken and Waffles in the Central District, or the 5 Spot in Queen Anne. Save room for … nothing, actually. Fill up and love every minute.

We’ll see you tomorrow. — The Evergrey

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