Check out these sweet Seattle Valentines ❤️

Check out these sweet Seattle Valentines ❤️

Fun, right? These cards were made just for you Evergrey readers by the artist behind a popular local Instagram account called Seattle Walk Report, and you can download them here.

What’s the story behind this artist, and how has she gotten to know our city’s quirks? Let’s fill you in…

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“Some people drink wine and play basketball,” said the woman behind one of our city’s most fascinating Instagram accounts. “And I just go on long walks.”

We’re not talking half-mile trips to the store. The (anonymous) artist behind Seattle Walk Report walks at least five miles per day — sometimes as much as 12 miles per day — for fun.

She’s walked from Beacon Hill to West Seattle. From Shoreline to Seattle Center. And from the Central District — where she lives — to just about everywhere in the city.

She documents what she sees on each walk in square-shaped, black and white cartoons that tally up what’s weird and wonderful about everyday Seattle. Among lots of stuff, she’s spotted:

» One dog in socks.
» Two people enjoying Alki Beach in the pouring rain.
» Four teens eating freshly-scooped ice cream far from any ice cream shops, “so they either have an extremely elaborate at-home ice cream set-up or they are teenage aliens.”
» Five fun-shaped potholes.
» Six buildings “I swear weren’t here like a month ago.”
» And twelve “totally damaged bikeshare bikes.”

She started the Instagram account in July of last year, just on a whim. She’d started to take notes during her long, leisurely walks, and it didn’t feel right to just keep them to herself.

“It just felt to me there’s something here being said about Seattle that just isn’t being said anywhere else,” she said.

She’ll draw herself into her cartoons sometimes: short hair, glasses, rain jacket, one of her huge collection of “found” beanies. She’s a fun person to talk to (we met her for coffee in Capitol Hill, so we can vouch for that), but she doesn’t want to put her name on what she does. She’d rather her cartoons speak for her city — the only home she’s ever known — than for her.

“People talk about how much it’s changed. ‘I miss old Seattle,’ or whatever,” she said. “I don’t expect or want it to be a certain way. Seeing the city has really made me want to meet it wherever it is.”

Check out @SeattleWalkReport on Instagram to catch up on her weird urban adventures. Can’t get enough of those Valentine’s cards? Here’s another batch, which she shared out on Instagram last month.


Surprise, surprise. Someone’s been selling fake tickets to “Hamilton,” the musical hit of all eternity that’s playing in Seattle through next month. At least eight people have shown up to the Paramount Theatre with forged tickets, and man oh man does that ruin an evening. Real tickets are going for hundreds or even thousands of dollars in secondary ticket markets. So if someone’s baiting you with a price that looks too good to be true, watch out. Maybe it is. (The Seattle Times)

It’s always San Francisco. Another one of those pseudo-scientific surveys has come out that pits cities against each other on some enviable metric, and Seattle is almost on top. It’s WalletHub’s survey of the country’s healthiest cities. And while we’re no. 1 in the “share of physically active adults” and no. 3 for “running trails per capita,” we landed just behind San Francisco on the overall list, as the second healthiest city in America. In related rivalry news, we’re no. 4 for “most healthy restaurants per capita.” No. 1 is Portland.  (WalletHub)

Don’t get the flu, OK? This flu season’s about as bad as we’ve seen in a decade, and now EvergreenHealth Medical Center in Kirkland is screening everyone who comes through the door for the virus, handing out masks to anyone who’s got symptoms and keeping kids under 16 out unless they absolutely have to be there. So far this season, 151 people have died from the flu in our state. Late on that flu shot? Go get it. Want to learn more? Here’s the latest from our health department. (MyNorthwest)

Mmm Deathcake. So there’s this dessert that local baker Cupcake Royale puts out every February. It’s “crammed with as much chocolate as is physically possible to fit into a baked good,” according to The Stranger. And if you’re one of those must-have-chocolate-on-Valentine’s-Day types, you might need to make a field trip.  (The Stranger)


Things to do



🍴  Dine out somewhere awesome (OpenTable)
💡  Learn the history of monogamy (Capitol Hill)
🎟  Laugh it up at an improv festival (University District)
🌲  Take a dinner cruise (Kirkland/Seattle)


🎈  Take the fam to Lunar New Year (Lake City)
💪  Learn how to run a food truck (Rainier Beach)


🎥  See a festival of classic noir flicks (Capitol Hill)
💃  Dance with fellow LGBTQ folks (Capitol Hill)


💪  Boost your BBQ game (Leschi)
🎈  Let your kids loose on Legos (Capitol Hill)
🗣  Hear what’s up in Africatown (Central District)
🎈  Say happy birthday to an orangutan (Phinney Ridge)


🌲  Dig in to gems and gold (Monroe)
💪  Grow an edible garden (Crown Hill)
😳  Do a bare-skinned bungee jump (Canada, via ferry!)

Going to one of these?

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Look. Seattle Walk Report drew you a cute.

We’ll see you tomorrow. — The Evergrey

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