Bad pigs 🐷

Bad pigs 🐷

Reader Berrak Sarikaya’s a fan of the treats at the new Salt & Straw in Ballard, which opened last week. “I’m obsessed with this coffee & whiskey ice cream and could eat it all day.” Thanks for tagging #theevergrey!

We’re curious: If you went out to eat last night with your sweetie, what dish made the evening extra special? If you cooked at home, what scrumptious recipe did you whip up?

Let us know by hitting reply, emailing [email protected], or joining the conversation over on our Embrace the Grey Facebook page.

Up for some foodie experiments? Here’s the latest on what new spots are opening up (including ice cream fave Salt & Straw) from The Seattle Times.

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Bad pigs. A couple of you have been asking about the weird green pigs that have been popping up all over the city this week. Are they part of some delightful art project? Nope: They’re a marketing campaign for a real-estate company from Denver. And considering how inaccessible real estate feels to a lot of people in the city, we don’t think anyone’s delighted. “You have read our region wrong,” one local said on Reddit. “How clueless can these people be?” said another. The company behind the stunt, TRELORA, said it’s taking down whatever pigs are left by the end of the week. And its CEO said it’ll donate $2,500 to our parks department — which has been cleaning up the things — and $10,000 to the Pike Place Market Foundation for social services and housing. Sloppy work, all. 🐷 (The Seattle Times)

Have a little bit of everything. When so many new Seattleites come from someplace else, it’s no wonder our food scene is getting all kinds of eclectic. “Now, you can have a taste of your old home without having to leave your new one,” write staffers at Seattle Magazine. They’ve rounded up the best not-so-local local fare from all over the U.S. in their February issue. Feel like New York or Chicago-style pizza? Here’s where you’ll find it. (Seattle Magazine)

Just wait ‘til 2020. Think downtown’s gotten a lot of new buildings lately? It’s nothing like what we might see in a couple years. Get this: crews built 5,703 new housing units in the city’s core (which includes neighborhoods like Belltown, South Lake Union, and Pioneer Square) in all of 2017. But in 2020, a whopping 17,500 new units could be built. Of course, you’d have to make quite a bit to live in ‘em. “The welcome mat to our city is narrow,” Jon Scholes, president of the Downtown Seattle Association, said. Jon is all for the plan our city’s worked up to make sure lots of people can afford to move in to some of these shiny new developments. But it’s one thing for city orgs to say they support affordable housing, one critic told Curbed’s Sarah Anne Lloyd, and another for them to work together to build it. (Curbed Seattle)

And while we’re on the topic of downtown… Transit there is also having a moment. Ten-thousand more people started taking a bus, train, or ferry to work downtown in 2017. On the flip side, a smaller share of downtown commuters are driving solo — 25 percent compared to 35 percent in 2010. Which, considering what’s happened to traffic and parking (😱), surprises no one. (The Seattle Times)

Ice for sale. Guess what? You can get tickets to see Seattle’s new hockey team before it even exists. That’s right. The group that’s hoping to bring Seattle into the National Hockey League is looking to sell season tix real soon — on March 1. (MyNorthwest)

Things to do


🍺 Feb. 24: Big Brewers Big Sippers Presents Maxchalant — new listing: check it out!



🎈  Take the fam to Lunar New Year (Lake City)
💪  Learn how to run a food truck (Rainier Beach)


🎥  See a festival of classic noir flicks (Capitol Hill)
💃  Dance with fellow LGBTQ folks (Capitol Hill)


💪  Boost your BBQ game (Leschi)
🎈  Let your kids loose on Legos (Capitol Hill)
🗣  Hear what’s up in Africatown (Central District)
🎈  Say happy birthday to an orangutan (Phinney Ridge)


🌲  Dig in to gems and gold (Monroe)
💪  Grow an edible garden (Crown Hill)
😳  Do a bare-skinned bungee jump (Canada, via ferry!)

Going to one of these?

Send us a pic or tag #theevergrey. See more upcoming events (and submit your own) on our events page.


The film Black Panther comes out tomorrow, but Ark Lodge Cinemas in Columbia City is screening it at a sold-out showing tonight. They’re rolling out the black carpet (literally) for this game-changing superhero flick with an almost all-black cast — and venues all over the city are hosting special events and screenings into the weekend. “This weekend will show that the black community is its own hero,” organizer Jazmyn Scott told Marcus Green of the South Seattle Emerald. Gonna go see it? Maybe in costume? Send us a pic or tag us at #theevergrey.

Have a good one. — The Evergrey

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