Meet us in ‘West Seattle’s living room’ 🏘

Meet us in ‘West Seattle’s living room’ 🏘

C&P Coffee is not just any neighborhood coffee shop. It’s been called “West Seattle’s living room,” and it’s fighting for its future after the owner of the building it’s in put it up for sale in our hot real estate market.

We’d love for you to join us in getting to know this neighborhood hub and each other. RSVP here if you know you’re coming, and look for The Evergrey sign when you arrive. Owners Pat and Cam are setting aside some space for us, and if you’re one of the first five people to show, we’ll buy you your first cup. ☕

Thanks to readers Emily M., Emily Austin, and Pam Mandel for suggesting we host a meetup at C&P Coffee! Got a spot you’d like us all to visit? Hit reply or email us at [email protected]

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A fight over needles. A fascinating debate is playing out in one Seattleite’s Facebook post. He saw a container for used needles in the bathroom at Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe, a favorite vegan restaurant in the University District, and he didn’t like it. “The logic: we won’t serve you meat, eggs, dairy, or honey because they’re bad for you, but please shoot up heroin in our bathrooms. It’s, like, totally vegan,” Christopher Rufo wrote. The restaurant replied, saying they put the container there for public safety, and the dangerous used needles would show up on the floor or in the trash if there wasn’t a safe place for people to put them.

Of course, this is all much bigger than the policies of one restaurant. Seattle could become the first city in the U.S. to open what are called safe-injection sites — places where people can use drugs while nurses watch and take care of them. Some people think that would make it easier for people to do a bad thing. Others feel it’s the best way to help people who’ve become addicted. (KUOW)

This is a good idea. To help some of the 8,500 people who’ve been living without a home in Seattle, people in Mount Baker are “adopting apartments.” It’s happening at the Estelle, a brand new building that’s about to welcome previously unsheltered families. The families won’t have a lot of the basic things every good apartment needs — like plates, shower curtains, bedding, that kind of thing. So people are adopting units in the building to get them supplied. “We know that some of the people who will live here are already our neighbors,” said one woman who adopted 26 of the building’s 91 units along with her friends. “This is a way for us to give them a housewarming party.” (South Seattle Emerald)

Epic before and after pics. Eighty-three years sure can change things if you’re a mountain glacier. John Marshall, a photographer from Wenatchee, has been studying pics of Mount Rainier from the 1930s and meticulously reshooting them to show how much less ice is clinging to it these days. “These photos are a really powerful way to visualize what climate change looks like,” said an ecologist for The Nature Conservancy. Click on the article to see ‘em for yourself. (The Seattle Times)

‘I wasn’t the one who has been lying.’ Ed Murray, our former mayor, stepped down last fall after he was accused by five men of having sexually abused them when they were teens. One of those men — Jeff Simpson, his former foster son — is now suing the city of Seattle, saying that the city let Ed use his power to attack and defame the men who accused him, and didn’t do enough to investigate what had happened. “This is my last course that God has brought me to — to finally get justice and to finally let people know I wasn’t the one who has been lying,” Jeff told Lewis Kamb of The Seattle Times. “It has been Ed, and it has always been Ed.” (The Seattle Times)

We’re losing our minds for this ice cream. We can tell a new eatery is getting a lot of attention when all of a sudden, everyone’s writing about it. Enter Salt and Straw. It’s a Portland-based ice cream shop that’s just opened locations in Capitol Hill and Ballard. Seattle Weekly food writer Nicole Sprinkle went with a friend and four 10-year-old girls, so she learned some useful things. Among them: Salt and Straw works with lots of local companies to make their famously creative flavors. Like Beecher’s Cheese with Peppercorn Toffee. Yum? 🍦 (Seattle Weekly)


On Wednesday we told you about a plan our mayor’s got to give every Seattle public high school student an ORCA card, so they can ride the bus and light rail for free. Plenty of people seem to like the idea, but reader Richard Coker, who teaches high school in White Center, emailed us with a really interesting point:

“While I think [Mayor Jenny] Durkan’s ORCA expansion is great for Seattle Public students, like many Seattle-focused programs it leaves out a large segment of our community who have the same or greater needs,” Richard wrote.

“As communities are displaced, they are often pushed just outside the boundaries of Seattle (and SPS), to areas like White Center, Burien, Renton, Tukwila, etc, and no longer benefit from the resources Seattle’s tax base can provide. What does that exclusion say about the way we define “Seattle”? And what does that mean for who gets to be a part of “Seattle” and all that inclusion entails?”

These are good questions. Want to discuss ‘em? Head on over to our Facebook page.


Things to do


🍻  Saturday: Big Brewers Big Sippers Presents Maxchalant (Ballard)


☕  Feb. 26: The Evergrey Meetup (West Seattle)
🌧  March 15: The Evergrey’s change-of-seasons party (Central District)



🎈  Wind down at this Bluegrass Festival (Bellevue)
🍴  Fill up on the city’s best comfort food and brews (SoDo)
🗣  Catch a storytelling showdown (Downtown)


🎟  Watch shadow puppets struggle in Seattle (International District)
🎈  Play with Muppets (Queen Anne)


🎈  Hang out with octopuses (Downtown)
💡  Find the meaning of life (First Hill)
🍻  Sip craft brews at this open house (All over)


👋  Swap seeds with green-thumbed neighbors (West Seattle)
🚴🏽  Do the Chilly Hilly, one of the best bike rides around (Bainbridge Island)
🚴🏽  …Or the Willy Nilly, a local spin-off (get it?) (Vashon Island)

Going to one of these?

Send us a pic or tag #theevergrey. See more upcoming events (and submit your own) on our events page.


We’ll see you tomorrow. — The Evergrey

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