‘So this happened to me tonight’ 🎟

‘So this happened to me tonight’ 🎟


Nothing beats back Seattle’s grey blues like getting out there and learning something new. Up for an adventure? Here’s a roundup of some of the awesome classes you can take in our city right now:

» Capitol Hill’s Century Ballroom teaches everything from waltz to tango to Lindy Hop. You can do a one-time drop in or take month-long classes.

» Dance with judgment-free abandon at Dance Church at Velocity Dance Center, “an all-abilities movement class that offers a fun, nonexclusive approach to dancing.”

» Learn to “fly” at Emerald City Trapeze. Beginners are very much welcome.

» Help your kiddos get their wiggles out in one of Massive Monkees’ dance classes and maybe even stick around to take a hip-hop class yourself.

» Spend a month or two learning the basics of drawing, working on your screenplay, or brushing up on your acting skills all over town through the Seattle Experimental College.

» Sling around some clay solo or with the kids at Emerald City Fired Arts.

Know of other great classes in the city? Shout them out in our Embrace the Grey Facebook group. Want to help us name our party March 15 saying goodbye to winter and welcoming a new season? Vote for your favorite event name (your submissions were [thumbs up]) in the group at 12 p.m.

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‘I just hope they don’t screw it up.’ Living in the fastest growing city in the country has a lot of us stressed out. Who are all these newcomers, longtime Seattleites ask themselves, and how are they going to change everything? Here’s a series of profiles that makes an interesting point: Seattle’s “perpetually remaking itself,” and a lot of us were newcomers once, too. Like John Gray, who arrived after World War II, and remembers when it was easy to afford a house. And Anton Gielen, who moved here in the 70s and loves that it’s a “mecca” now. Natasia Tebeck, who’s lived here two years, doesn’t tell people she works at Amazon until she’s gotten to know them. It’s not easy being new. (The Seattle Times)

Update your reading lists. Paul Constant of The Seattle Review of Books sat down with us this week to tell us about three books coming out in the next three months that he thinks all Seattleites should know about. The first two are from Seattle authors — California Calling by Natalie Singer and Lawn Boy by Jonathan Evison. The third is something pretty wild — a look back at the rise and fall of Mark Driscoll. He was the hugely influential and controversial pastor of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church, which collapsed just four years ago. The book’s name? Biblical Porn. Watch our short chat here. (Facebook)

Lead your neighborhood. Ever wanted to gather up your neighbors and get something done? Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods just launched a toolkit for forming and running your own neighborhood group or association — around just about anything — complete with a guide to setting up bylaws and tips for running successful meetings. Also handy: This database of neighborhood groups around the city. Type in your neighborhood and see what’s going on. (Department of Neighborhoods)


So this happened to me tonight,” reader Dana Hanna wrote us late Wednesday. “Thought you would be amused.” We were. And terrified.

Dana was on her way to a pre-”Hamilton” event at the downtown Premiere on Pine building, she said, when she stepped onto the elevator with eight other people. Part-way up, the elevator stopped — and wouldn’t start. They waited a whole hour, pretty freaked out, for someone to come rescue them. “This is me telling everyone to say AAAAAGH!” she later wrote on Reddit. “But we had fun, calmed each other down, and took heavy advantage of the free booze when we got loose in time to see the end of the talk.” Then, they made it to their play. Her verdict?

‘Hamilton’ is totally worth getting stuck in an elevator on the 40th floor with eight people for an hour,” Dana told us. “Would do it again.”

P.S. The man in the top right is none other than Gregg Holcomb, owner of Witness Bar in Capitol Hill. He’s kind of amazing. Check out why here.

Doing something fun out around the city? Tell us about it at [email protected] or tag #theevergrey in your pics.

Things to do


🍻  Saturday: Big Brewers Big Sippers Presents Maxchalant (Ballard) — see this concert for a cause tomorrow night


☕  Feb. 26: The Evergrey Meetup (West Seattle)
🌧  March 15: The Evergrey’s change-of-seasons party (Central District)



🎟  Watch shadow puppets struggle in Seattle (International District)
🎈  Play with Muppets (Queen Anne)


🎈  Hang out with octopuses (Downtown)
💡  Find the meaning of life (First Hill)
🍻  Sip craft brews at this open house (All over)


👋  Swap seeds with green-thumbed neighbors (West Seattle)
🚲  Do the Chilly Hilly, one of the best bike rides around (Bainbridge Island)
🚲  …Or the Willy Nilly, a local spin-off (get it?) (Vashon Island)

Going to one of these?

Send us a pic or tag #theevergrey. See more upcoming events (and submit your own) on our events page.

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Go enjoy that weekend. We’ll see you Monday. — The Evergrey

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