‘Honesty is his resistance’ ✊

‘Honesty is his resistance’ ✊


2017 was a big year for hygge (pronounced “hoo-guh”), a Danish word used to describe a particular sense of coziness – think comfy clothes, warm blankets, and hot cups of tea with friends.

The Danish term made quite a splash here last month when Crosscut columnist Knute Berger asked whether aspiring to have a hygge home was actually a way to “fetishize” a privileged way of life. “If you’re looking for a high hygge city, you’re looking for a cold, white-majority, single-family home-heavy town with people who tend to isolate themselves indoors, but they have a lot of money (and wood) to burn,” Knute writes.

We’re convinced that hygge-ifying your home — a process all about creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere — can be done on the cheap or with things you may already have. Here’s a few cozy items that you can pick up for less than $30:

» The right clothing: Your favorite sweats or PJs (free!)
» The right drink: Seattle’s own B. Fuller’s Roobi slipper ($13 / 3oz.) or $3 Twinings
» The right warmth: A cozy knit blanket – ($30)
» The right lighting: String lights ($15), a candle ($24), or cracking open your curtains or blinds (free!)
» The right activity: A good book ($13)
» The right company: Friends and family — priceless ❤

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Sherman Alexie… One of our region’s most celebrated writers put out a statement yesterday saying he’s hurt people and made “poor decisions” in response to accusations of sexual harassment that have been churning online for days. People in and around the literary and Native communities are processing the conversation around renowned author Sherman Alexie and reacting quickly. One organization’s renamed a scholarship named after him. One author is editing references to Sherman Alexie out of her book. This is a big deal, and painful for a lot of people. We’re bound to learn more in the coming days… (The Seattle Times)

‘Honesty is his resistance.’ When you think hard about awful things — racism, even genocide — how can you possibly laugh? Seattle writer Reagan Jackson found out when she saw a local named Howie Echo-Hawk perform “genocide comedy” in the International District. “I laugh from shock. I laugh to keep from crying because as f***ed up as black and white relations are, we are at least still here to fight about it,” Reagan, who’s black, writes in this profile of Howie that’s just a must-read. “When he cracks another joke about how there are so few Native People that most people look at him and think he’s Mexican, how even racists don’t slur him correctly, I think about what it must feel like to be invisible in your own skin.” (The Seattle Globalist)

Today’s the day … to get your hockey tix. No, we don’t have a National Hockey League team in Seattle yet. But we could secure one soon if enough people put a deposit down on season tickets to show they want it. The sales start at 10 a.m. at nhlseattle.com. (KING 5)

Listen up, foodie fams. Ethan and Angela Stowell are behind some of our city’s best restaurants, and their newest one — Super Bueno in Fremont — is going to have a play area for the kiddos. That got us thinking: Where are all the good restaurant to take little Seattleites to? ParentMap’s got a good list of 10 local spots to eat cheap and in style with the kiddos. And Red Tricycle, another local pub for you parent folk, rounded up eight eateries that serve meals with a side of toys. What are your favorites? Add ‘em to our Facebook thread.

Because really ugly is also really cute. The Stranger just launched the best contest ever — the #UglyPetContest. Know a strong contender? Send in your pics by March 13. We’ll all get to see the winning pup, kitty, or critter on the cover of the paper’s April 11 edition. The contest’s first submission, by the way, came from “Rocco the Pughuahua.” He has his own Instagram account. We dare you not to look. 🐶 (The Stranger)

Veto power. Yesterday, we explained the basics of why people are upset about the Washington State Legislature’s decision last week to approve a bill making changes to the state’s Public Records Act. Since then, at least 2,750 Washingtonians — a record number — have called Governor Jay Inslee’s office to urge him to veto the bill. During an interview Monday on CNN, the governor told host Chris Hayes that although he thinks the legislature’s decision is a “bad idea,” he can’t actually strike down the bill because the legislature has what’s called a “veto-proof majority.” A bill has the support of a “veto-proof majority” when two-thirds of both houses support it. But as local media outlets like The Stranger and The Seattle Times have pointed out, that doesn’t actually mean the governor can’t veto it. “Inslee has, in the past, vetoed dozens of pieces of legislation that had veto-proof majorities if he’s believed strongly enough in the cause,” writes The Stranger’s Sydney Brownstone. The governor has until tomorrow to decide it he’s gonna veto the bill or not.

Speaking of which…


Reader Rich Allen brought up an interesting point on our Facebook page yesterday: 12 local newspapers ran front-page editorials on Monday against a big public records law (explained here) that our state legislature overwhelmingly supports. And that’s…a lot.

“When media is literally one side of this argument I can’t expect an unbiased position from them,” Rich wrote. “The piling on by every news org just doesn’t pass the sniff test for me.”

Journalists are big fans of keeping our officials accountable, so it’s no surprise that local media would come out against anything that restricts public access to our public officials’ public work. If you, like Rich, are curious to hear directly from the other side — the legislators who support this bill despite the restriction on public records — they’ve been posting their explanations over the last couple days and sparking some heated discussions. Here are a few to check out:

» State Representative Joe Fitzgibbon
» State Representative Noel Frame
» State Senator Manka Dhingra
» And here’s a Capitol Hill Seattle post that links out to thoughts from State Senator Jamie Pedersen and includes an explanation from State Representative Nicole Macri.

For notes on what some legislators are and aren’t saying in their statements, check out the bottom of this story in The Seattle Times.

Got questions on this complicated issue? Hit reply or reach out to us at [email protected]

Things to do


📼 March 9: 90s Afterschool Special (Pioneer Square)


🌧 March 15: Greybreak (Central District)



🗣  Hear amazing 5-minute talks at Ignite (Capitol Hill)
🎟  Catch a drag queen extravaganza (Belltown)
👋  Kick off a new era for the beloved Cafe Racer — all weekend (Ravenna)


🍿  Meet everyone’s favorite “science guy” (Capitol Hill)
🎲  Get your board game on in Seattle’s tallest building (Downtown)
🎨  Check out young locals’ art around mass incarceration (Downtown)
🎈  Teach the kids about polar science — all weekend (PacSci)


🎈  Get hued for Holi, the festival of colors (Bellevue)
🎶  Wear white to this colorful Holi / Bollywood bash (Belltown)
🏞  Run around the lake in your kookiest socks (Green Lake)
🎶  Hear a show from Guitars 4 Vets (West Seattle)
🍴  Savor seafood at this mega MusselFest — all weekend (Coupeville)


💡  Hear from CNN’s Anderson Cooper — few tix left! (Queen Anne)
🍿  Get gussied up to watch the Oscars (Capitol Hill)
🏞  Gear up at the Seattle Bike Show — all weekend (SoDo)
👾  Two words: Comic Con — all weekend (Downtown)

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