Veni vidi veto ✍️

Veni vidi veto ✍️


We’re big fans of getting out there and exploring Seattle. But sometimes the best way to know your city is to know the stories your neighbors are telling.

Here are 15 books by great local authors to take you through the end of the winter. See one that stands out? Pick it up at your local library (search for it here) or bookstore. And let us know how you like it…

Feel like you already know your way around Seattle’s book scene? Prove it! Take this quick quiz and see where you’re at.

Thanks to Paul Constant of The Seattle Review of Books for suggesting a couple titles, and to everyone who reminded us that books can cost absolutely nothing when you get them at the library. 😉

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Veni vidi veto. Newspapers told him to do it. Around 19,000 of his constituents told him to do it. In the end, even the people who’d told him not to do it told him to do it. So he did it: Governor Jay Inslee vetoed a bill that our state legislature passed last week and that a lot of people have been mad about ever since. It’s a complicated bill, but what people don’t like about it boils down to this: It would have given our state legislators the power to not make public certain records and documents that they would otherwise probably have to make public. Since they’re public servants working with public money, that didn’t sit well with a lot of folks. Not to mention the fact that legislators passed this bill in a quick two days, skipping any public hearings or debate. Governor Inslee vetoed the bill last night, just after a bunch of legislators said they’d “made a mistake” with the bill and the governor should go ahead and kill it. The takeaway? This was a hell of a week in our state’s capitol, and public pressure made all the difference. (KNKX)

Well, that was quick. It took a little more than an hour yesterday — basically no time at all — for Seattleites to put down deposits on 25,000 season tickets to see Seattle’s pro hockey team. We don’t have a pro hockey team — yet — but getting one seems pretty inevitable now that the city’s shown it’ll pay big to see it. To back up: The National Hockey League gave Seattle the go-ahead to do a season ticket drive as a group that’s going to upgrade KeyArena gets ready to transform Seattle sports. They’re called the Oak View Group, and they’ve got a $600 million deal to make KeyArena a next-level sports facility and concert venue. An NHL team is one outcome sports fans are rooting for. Another one? The triumphant return of the NBA. (Go Sonics!) (The Seattle Times)

Evicted. “If there were ever a story that epitomizes the downside of growth in our region – this is it.” That’s what Thomas Reynolds, the CEO of Northwest Harvest, told KING about the eviction notice the organization got this week. Thomas has 12 months to find a new home for the Cherry Street Food Bank, which gives food to about 5,000 of your neighbors a week, and is the largest food bank in the whole state. What’s going to happen to the space the food bank is in now? It’s going to become a 30-story tower. If you have ideas about where Northwest Harvest could go next, call Jordan Rubin at (206) 923-7426. If you want to donate, go to (KING 5)

Up for an emotional roller coaster? Read this wonderful, heartbreaking, enraging story about a local friend loved and lost. “It didn’t matter how cute Peter Hawthorne was, how much he was loved or even how many powerful friends he had on his side,” The Seattle Times’ Christine Clarridge begins. “In the end, there was little they could do to prevent the eastern gray squirrel from dying alone on a cold and rainy January night.” (The Seattle Times)

Need to smile?  Read about one of the weirdest buildings in Seattle — the Wallingford Taco Time. It’s this jagged glass square…thing, and it’s got quite the history. We appreciate Curbed’s Meg van Huygen not just for telling it, but also for lovingly summing up Taco Time as exactly what it is — “Washington State’s favorite homegrown fake Mexican taqueria.” (Curbed Seattle)

Things to do


📼 March 9: 90s Afterschool Special (Pioneer Square)


🌧 March 15: Greybreak (Central District)



🍿  Meet everyone’s favorite “science guy” (Capitol Hill)
🎲  Get your board game on in Seattle’s tallest building (Downtown)
🎨  Check out young locals’ art around mass incarceration (Downtown)
🎈  Teach the kids about polar science — all weekend (PacSci)


🎈  Get hued for Holi, the festival of colors (Bellevue)
🎶  Wear white to this colorful Holi / Bollywood bash (Belltown)
🏞  Run around the lake in your kookiest socks (Green Lake)
🎶  Hear a show from Guitars 4 Vets (West Seattle)
🍴  Savor seafood at this mega MusselFest — all weekend (Coupeville)


💡  Hear from CNN’s Anderson Cooper — few tix left! (Queen Anne)
🍿  Get gussied up to watch the Oscars (Capitol Hill)
🏞  Gear up at the Seattle Bike Show — all weekend (SoDo)
👾  Two words: Comic Con — all weekend (Downtown)

Going to one of these?

Send us a pic or tag #theevergrey. See more upcoming events (and submit your own) on our events page.


The Oscars are this Sunday at 5 p.m. on ABC (a.k.a. KOMO). Print your ballot here, and good luck.

We’ll see you Monday.

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