Take that, FCC 💪

Take that, FCC 💪

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‘You could put this on stage with Van Halen.’ Lean in, all, ‘cause this is extra cool: Back in the 30s, a Seattleite named Paul Tutmarc invented the Audiovox 736 — the world’s first electric bass guitar. This was a big deal: Before the bass was electric, bassists had to lug around ginormous acoustic basses just to add a beat to their band. But Paul was ahead of his time. A guy named Fender got all the glory when he made electric bass guitars 15 years later. Only four of Paul’s Audiovox 736’s are left, and one of them belonged to locals Dale and Bev McKnight until they sold it on eBay yesterday for a whopping $23,850. Apparently, it still sounds great. (The Seattle Times)

Fast forward to summer. That’s when the Capitol Hill Block Party will return for its 22nd year. Organizers just announced a partial lineup, and The Stranger’s Dave Segal is particularly pumped to see “the enigmatic electronic-music diva” Kelly Lee Owens and the “Breeders-esque bruisers” Bully. The fun starts July 20, and you can already get tickets. (The Stranger)

Take that, FCC. Seattle’s a tech town, and a progressive town. So a lot of people here were not happy when the feds repealed a set of rules that upheld a principle called “net neutrality”… and pretty thrilled when Washington became the first state in the nation to pass state-level net neutrality laws this week. With net neutrality, the companies that bring the Internet to your home can’t charge more to carry some providers’ content than others. Without net neutrality, they can — and the Internet can become a more expensive place to publish. (The New York Times)

Dive deep. Our ferry system wants you to write a haiku about, well, riding the ferry. They’re taking your poetry through Friday using the #WSFHaiku hashtag. Our state poet laureate, Claudia Castro Luna, will pick the best one, and that top poem will be published in a pretty prominent place: the ferries’ 2018 summer sailing schedule. ⛴  (WSDOT)


Things to do


📼 March 9: 90s Afterschool Special (Pioneer Square)


🌧 3/15: Say goodbye to winter with us at Greybreak (Central District)




🍻  Win Bingo of Champions at Hale’s Ales (Fremont)
🗣  Hear about race from Seattle’s Ijeoma Oluo (Capitol Hill)
💡  Learn from our region’s expert gardener (Belltown)


💡  Get inspired to work for equality (Downtown)
🍻  Drink a beer to support women-owned businesses (University District)
👋  Hang out with people making a difference (Queen Anne)
💡  Ask how our political tribes can hurt us (Ravenna)


🎶  Bring back the ‘90s at this Evergrey partner event (Pioneer Square)
🎟  Give it up for elegant black dandy fashion (Central District)
🍿  Go see A Wrinkle in Time on opening night (All over)
🎈  Check out awesome animated shorts — through next Thursday (Queen Anne)


🍸  Sample whiskies from around the world (SoDo)
🎶  Hear a classical take on David Bowie (Downtown)
💪  Learn where indigenous plants fit in your garden (Seward Park)


🎶  Hear the music of women composers (Downtown)
🎨  Get sensual at this “poetry brothel” (Belltown)
💪  Learn to dance traditional Indian bhangra (Capitol Hill)
🎈  Take the kids to Seattle’s big dog show — all weekend (SoDo)

Going to one of these? Send us a pic or tag #theevergrey. See more upcoming events (and submit your own) on our events page.


We’ll see you tomorrow. — The Evergrey

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