Why it's really called SoDo 💥

Why it's really called SoDo 💥


Yesterday was the 18th anniversary of the demolition of the Kingdome stadium, former home of the Seattle Seahawks, the Mariners, the Sonics, and the old Sounders. The multipurpose arena was imploded (yes, that’s a thing) in 2000 — which you can watch in this mesmerizing video — to make room for two sports stadiums, which are now CenturyLink and Safeco fields.

But the Kingdome has another special meaning to our city. It helped give SoDo, Seattle’s industrial district, its name.

SoDo used to be a local shorthand for “South of the Dome.” Then when the Kingdome was demolished, the name was conveniently adapted to mean “South of Downtown.”

Reader Trevor Essmeier remembers when this guy skateboarded on the Kingdome’s roof just before it crumbled. Yike. What memories do you have of the stadium — whether it was attending games or awe-ing at its demise? Let us know here.  

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They’re still coming. More people moved out of a bunch of the biggest U.S. cities last year than moved into them. San Francisco, New York, Boston, Chicago — they all saw this deficit in what’s called “domestic migration.” But not Seattle. Our fair city  is one of just five major metro areas that saw more people move in from other U.S. cities than out. And the other four are all sunny and cheaper to live in. So why are we still pulling domestic movers into our cold, grey, pricey embrace? Jobs. (The Seattle Times)

Popping it out. Funko, the company that makes these bobbly Pop! figurines, is just up north in Everett. And a writer named Daniel Rasmus hung out with its head honchos to figure out how those pop culture icons get made — from concept to ZBrush file and, finally, to those cozy boxes your collector friend won’t let you touch. (GeekWire)

Nyet. Our Russian consulate downtown is going to close, for good, by order of the president. Yesterday, President Trump ordered that 60 Russian diplomats leave the U.S. to get back at our global rival for most likely poisoning a former spy in the U.K. On top of that, he closed Seattle’s Russian consulate, bringing up the fact that it sits uncomfortably close to Boeing, our country’s second-largest defense contractor. Trump is giving the consulate until April 2 to close up shop, but they’re already turning people away — including people who flew to Seattle just to get service from a Russian consulate. (The Seattle Times)

Dogs to the rescue. With our city booming and all, the security lines at Sea-Tac Airport are getting long. One answer? Canines. Five more doggie security teams are coming to Sea-Tac, and their sniffing superpowers are going to save you time. An all-clear from a pup means you don’t have to take off your shoes or belt or laptops. Hooray. (KING 5)

Doubling up. It’s getting crowded in South Lake Union, so it makes sense that our transit agency wants to build two light rail stations there instead of one. What’s a little weird is that they want to build those two neighborhood stations just five blocks away from each other. Is that a smart idea? Transportation beat reporter Mike Lindblom breaks it down. (The Seattle Times)

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