Hey mural nerds 🎨

Hey mural nerds 🎨


There are some amazing murals out there a lot of us pass by every day. We’ve started compiling a map that shows where our city’s coolest, most artistic murals are located.

Now we need your help adding more. What’s a mural that you always find yourself admiring in the city? Take a photo of it, tell us why you love it, and send it to [email protected]. We’ll add it to our map and share the photo with a bit of history about it too.

» Check out the murals we’ve rounded up here and let us know what we missed.

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That’s not where it goes. Some of what you’re tossing in the recycling bin is ending up in our landfills. Why? Economics. China is by far the largest buyer of recycled materials in the U.S. But ever since last summer, when it announced super strict rules about how clean its recyclables need to be, the market’s plummeted from $97.50 per ton of mixed paper to a measly five bucks. That’s left the companies that process our recycling — like Republic Services here in Seattle — drowning in tons of recyclables they can’t sell, and asking permission to dump some of the mushy stuff in landfills. Thinking you might as well throw that cardboard in the trash? DON’T. We’ll sort this out. 🗑 (The Seattle Times)

Rocco’s ‘breathtaking underbite.’ It’s official: Rocco the Pughuahua is the third ugliest pet in Seattle. That’s according to The Stranger, which is running its first-ever ugly pet contest and profiled little Rocco — whom we can all admire on Instagram — as its second runner-up. (The Stranger)  

Off leash. Speaking of pups, here’s a handy map of 10 great dog parks to hang with your best buddy, from Northacres up north to Westcrest Park down south. (Curbed Seattle)

Unplugged. If you work in tech, you live the dream. That’s what Seattleite Jon Meyer thought when he ditched his restaurant gig to move into startups and tech. Fast-forward a few years, a few companies, and a lot of headaches, and Jon is happy to be out of tech and in a hotel marketing job. For now, at least. “…Working with people who don’t say ‘bandwidth,’ ‘let’s take this offline,’ [and] ‘we should jam on this a little more’,” he writes, “has more rewards than you know.” (The Stranger)

Enough of that. If you’re a therapist in Washington state, you can’t try to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of people under the age of 18. That’s thanks to a new law that bans what’s known as “conversion therapy,” which groups like the American Medical Association say can hurt kids’ and teens’ mental and emotional health. The law applies to licensed therapists, but not to clergy or other unlicensed religious counselors. (KUOW)

Check out this event from our advertiser, Pike Brewing Company.

🍻 Women In Beer Meet the local women who brew the beers you love at Pike Brewing's annual Planned Parenthood benefit. This tasting event is part of Seattle Beer Week.


🍴  Indulge in the Grilled Cheese Grand Prix – through Saturday (Sand Point)
🎶  Celebrate women in jazz (Capitol Hill)
🎈  Geek out on anime at SakuraCon (Downtown)


🍴  Nibble away at the Georgetown Bites food fest (Georgetown)
💡  Hear from a Pulitzer Prize-winning composer (Downtown)
🎈  Take the kids to Howl’s Moving Castle (Central District)


🐰  Let your kids loose on one of these local Easter egg hunts (All over
🎈  Get Easter brunch with the fam (Kid friendly, OpenTable)
🌷  Visit those world famous tulip fields (Skagit Valley) — they should bloom any day now. 

Going to one of these, or anything fun around town?

Send us a pic or tag #theevergrey. See more upcoming events (and submit your own) on our events page.


Nothing says “Seattle weird” like the oddball Facebook events that take over your feed when you least expect it. And a fun one we’ve spotted is happening tonight at 6 p.m. in Gas Works Park. It’s called “Say ‘Wow!’ like Owen Wilson,” it’s inspired by Internet love for compilations of actor Owen Wilson saying “Wow” in that heart-melting way of his, and almost 8,000 people say they’re interested.

The organizer, Natasha Mehring, tells us her husband is “constantly” making fun of how she says “Wow,” and how it sounds like Owen Wilson. She posted her event after she saw a similar one happening in Australia. She didn’t think it would take off the way it did, but she’ll be there and she’s pumped.

“I want to get everyone to say ‘Wooooww’ like Owen Wilson simultaneously. It’s crazy but it’s gonna be fun!” she wrote us. “I feel like Seattleites are notoriously weird and like eccentric things like that.”

Sounds about right. 😜 — The Evergrey

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