'We can't even agree on what the facts are' 🗞

'We can't even agree on what the facts are' 🗞

The grilled Kim-cheese at Marination Station. Thanks for tagging #theevergrey!

Yes, it’s National Grilled Cheese Day. And yes, we’re going to use it as an excuse to mention places in the city that both serve great grilled cheese and have great cheese-centric names. Like Beecher’s Handmade Cheese downtown, Cheese Wizards in Queen Anne, Grilled Cheese Experience all over (yay food trucks!), and Cheese Meats Bread in the International District. You’re welcome.

Now onto something that doesn’t leave such a yummy taste in your mouth …

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Last week, we asked you to fill out a survey about the news. ‘Cause let’s face it: Things are weird right now, and it’s worth thinking about why.

We partnered with Seattle CityClub to ask how you’re feeling about the state of news media and what you think could improve it. More than 200 of you responded, mentioning Facebook, Sinclair Broadcast Company (we broke that controversy down for you here), partisan media, made-up media, and much more…


» “Discouraged” (24%)
» “Frustrated” (22%)
» “Conflicted” (18%)
» “Anxious” (15%)
» “Hopeful” (8%)


“People working from different sets of facts. We can’t even agree on what the facts are, so how can we come to common ground?”
Catherine Warren, who feels “angry”

“The news is entertainment now. That’s not a good place to be. (See: Every dystopian sci-fi film ever.)”
Lars Laing-Peterson, who feels “discouraged”

“The problem isn’t so much that we have too much news running the spectrum of quality and ideological viewpoints, as it is that many people don’t — or won’t — take the time to question the information they’re consuming.”
James Cameron, who feels “hopeful”


“Robust public funding of legitimate news analysis and a broader public understanding of the difference between news, opinion, and propaganda.”
Colin Lingle, who feels “frustrated”

“Increase civics education. Teach critical listening skills.”
Mel Simburg, who feels “discouraged”

“All news outlets would be publicly funded and accountable. Public schools would teach healthy discretion and skepticism when choosing where to get news as part of their core curriculum.”
Sara Gentzler, who feels “conflicted”

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts on a critical issue. And big congrats to Mel Simburg, Sara Gentzler, and Catherine Warren! Their submissions earned ‘em each a pair of $150 tickets to Seattle CityClub’s “Truth, Trust, and Democracy” on June 27. 👍


Abandoned. We always think of tents. But far more of our unsheltered neighbors — 40 percent of them — live in cars, RVs, or other vehicles. Our city has no dedicated budget to help them and no clear plan on how to help accommodate them, beyond a run-down city-sanctioned parking lot where 10 people live and, since January, three people have died. There’s an interactive map halfway down this story that’s worth spending time with. It runs through the 700+ car camping complaints the city’s heard since last year. “Man was passed out in his RV doorway,” reads one. “Six or seven people sleeping in the cars,” reads another. Reporter Vianna Davila called this “one of the more devastating, painful stories to write.” But it’s important to read. (The Seattle Times)

Share your story. Homelessness affects lots of people, but it can be real hard to get beyond stats and numbers. Have you lived without a home, worked with someone who’s experienced that, or volunteered with an organization trying to help? The Seattle Times wants to hear your pitches for Ignite Project Homeless, an event on June 7 to gather candid stories that, we all hope, can point to solutions. Submissions are due May 6. Check it out ➡ (The Seattle Times)

Drum roll, please. The ugliest pet in Seattle is … Sharky the dog! She’s 17 years old, has a tongue that’s “permanently pushed to the side,” and is a 100 percent badass survivor. Sharky spent time on the streets, in a kill shelter, and generally just neglected. “She could have become fearful or aggressive, but she has nothing but love for everyone she meets,” said her mom. We’re in love. 😍 (The Stranger)

Speaking of badass dogs… A pretty famous one is working at the Seattle Police Department right now. His name is Bear, he sniffs out electronic equipment — yup, that’s a thing now — and he’s the dude responsible for finding child porn in the house of Jared Fogle, the former Subway spokesman. (The Stranger)

The Space Needle has a belly. And a crew from Seattle Magazine got to rub it. Our most famous icon is in the middle of a $100 million makeover, and here’s a peek at the progress, and all those see-through (and a little freaky) glass floors. (Seattle Magazine)

Things to do

Check out this event from our advertiser, Seattle Erotic Art Festival.

🎨 Your Favorite Art Event is 2 Weeks Away! Immerse yourself at the 2018 Seattle Erotic Art Festival, April 27-29. Three days of sexy visual, literary, performance art--- and MORE!


🗣  April 19: Explore the living history of Seattle’s first people at the second edition of Seattle Live (Queen Anne)

💻👩  April 23-27: Connect with inspiring mentors, peers, and resources at the weeklong Women in Tech Regatta (South Lake Union)

🎙 April 24: Boost your small business and meet peers in your industry at the inaugural Elevate NW Conference (Queen Anne)



🎟  Hear from Laverne Cox of “Orange is the New Black” — could sell out fast! (Belltown)
🎟  Laugh at baked comedians – through Saturday (Greenwood)
🎨  See “Oh, You STILL Work There?” an art show about the service industry (Capitol Hill)


🏞  Sign up for an amazing 24-hour adventure race (Sand Point)
🎶  Sway to Duke Ellington jams – through Sunday (Downtown)
🎟  Charge up with some improv (Downtown)


🎶  Party with local space geeks at Yuri’s Night (Tukwila)
🎨  See the city’s drag royalty hit the runway (Downtown)
🏞  Help re-forest a park (Seward Park)
🎈  Go to the biggest kids’ parade in the state (Tacoma)
🏞  Take a free Spring Day hike (All over)


🎈  Take the fam to the International Children’s Friendship Festival (Queen Anne)
👋  Go on a photo scavenger hunt (South Lake Union)
🎈  Dip the kids in Marine Mammal Mania (Downtown)
💡  Remember victims of the Holocaust (Belltown)
🗣  Hear from feminist culture critic Lindy West (Downtown)


Send us a pic or tag #theevergrey. See more upcoming events (and submit your own) on our events page.


— The Evergrey

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