Did YOU know you can't recycle Ziploc bags? ♻️

Did YOU know you can't recycle Ziploc bags? ♻️


Earth Day, the national holiday first organized by longtime Seattleite Denis Hayes, is on Sunday. But the festivities are rolling all weekend and include a community run, free hiking, and a ton of ways to volunteer.

Over the last several months, there’ve been several stories about something near and dear to many of us Seattleites — recycling. More specifically, that more of our recycling could end up in landfills because of stricter environmental laws in China, which buys tons of recycling from the U.S.

You can learn more about that here, but here’s the TL;DR version: China is increasing its standards for the recycling it buys from the U.S. That means no dirty peanut butter jars or non-recyclable plastics, because they can’t be properly recycled to create new products.

So how can we locals up our recycling game? We have six tips for you…

1. A few things you can’t recycle: dirty aluminum foil, Ziploc bags (!), plastic produce bags, grocery bags that aren’t bundled together, and wax-coated cups and to-go containers. Make sure the things you’re tossing are empty, clean, and dry. Not sure if something’s recyclable? Here’s a handy search tool.

2. Know what to compost: food scraps, yard waste, greasy pizza boxes, food-soiled napkins, and shredded paper. A few things you can’t compost: ice cream cartons, metal, plastic, and animal [poop emoji]. Get all the details here. Pro tip: Don’t want to spend money on an indoor compost bin? Use empty cereal boxes in your freezer to save your compost. It takes away the smell, too!

3. Can’t fit all your recycling into your blue bin? Get a second recycling bin from the city for free. Or put those extra Amazon boxes to good use by placing your recycling in a box next to your curbside cart. More on that here. Don’t want to clutter your curb? Whether you have a ton of moving boxes or dozens of cans after the big game, you can recycle it all for free at the North or South Transfer Station.

4. Shredded threads: If your old clothes are too worn out, don’t toss them in the garbage. If second-hand stores or drop box programs can’t re-sell your old duds, they can be recycled through King County’s Threadcycle program, which turns worn out clothes, shoes, backpacks, and more into carpet padding, insulation, and wash rags.

5. Reduce, reuse, recycle, repair. Have a wonky coffee machine, broken chair, or a ripped pair of pants? Before you toss ‘em out, try to get them repaired at one of King County’s repair cafés, where you can get help from your handy neighbors.

6. Live in or manage an apartment building? You can become a city recycling volunteer by educating your neighbors about what can go in their recycling bins. Bonus: Your building will get a one-time $100 credit on its utilities bill.

Got other recycling tips or hacks we should all know about? Or ways you’ve been recycling wrong this whole time and WTF? (We’ve all done it!) Let us know here.

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Rugby goes pro. The Seattle Seawolves play their first game ever on Sunday, and rugby fans are so in. Single game tickets are already sold out, though you can still scoop up season tix to see this team get off the ground. “It’s got the strategy of football. It has the flow of soccer and basketball,” team spokeswoman Carly McKinnon told the Weekly. “It has the kicking, it has the passes, it has the epic hits without guys too often getting carted off the field—the play keeps going.” (Seattle Weekly)

This may surprise you, but the median pay of someone who works for Amazon is … $28,446. If you figured it was way higher, that’s because Amazon’s 45,000 employees in Seattle make north of $110,000 on average. But Amazon gives paychecks to 300,000 people around the country, including warehouse workers and fulfillment center staffers. And to most of them, Amazon is less a high-paying techie mecca than, as Times reporter Matt Day put it, a “blue-collar logistics company where workers take home far less.” (The Seattle Times)

Half a century of open housing. Something really important happened 50 years ago yesterday. Seattle made it illegal for locals to discriminate against people of color who wanted to buy or rent homes. That used to happen a lot, and some white Seattleites actually defended doing it until as late as 1964. The law that made this kind of racial discrimination illegal passed two weeks after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968, but the legacy lives on: Some Seattle property deeds from before 1968 still say that the house can’t be sold or rented to anyone black, Jewish, or Asian. (KUOW)

Happy 4/20. Everyone’s favorite cannabis holiday’s been a lot busier since 2012, when our state became the first to say OK to recreational marijuana. Here’s a guide to the events, debates, and personalities that are smoking up the scene. Maybe by this time next year, we’ll be celebrating in our very own weed cafes. Oh and side note: Lyft is giving riders $4.20 off their next two rides today. 🌬 (The Stranger)

Selfies with superheroes. If you’re looking for something to do with the kids this weekend, or, you know, you just love this stuff, our Museum of Pop Culture is just out with a big new exhibit, “Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes.” Reader Jess Estrada already said hey to one of its stars. If you follow the bat signal to MoPOP, tag us with #theevergrey. (GeekWire)

Argosy Ship Canal Tours. Try welding or pilot a tug. Music, food trucks and more. 11am-4 pm Saturday, May 12 @ Ballard’s Seattle Maritime Academy. Learn More ».
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Check out this event from our advertiser, Pike Brewing Company.

🍻 Women In Beer Meet the local women who brew the beers you love at Pike Brewing's annual Planned Parenthood benefit. This tasting event is part of Seattle Beer Week.


💻👩  April 23-27: Connect with inspiring mentors, peers, and resources at the weeklong Women in Tech Regatta (South Lake Union)

🎙 April 24: Boost your small business and meet peers in your industry at the inaugural Elevate NW Conference (Queen Anne)

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🎶  Get your swing on at the Hep Cat Ball (South Lake Union)
🎟  Let actors turn your bio into a literary epic (Belltown)
🎶  Watch a massive hip hop dance-off — through Saturday (Central District)
👋  Check out the one and only Specialty Coffee Expo — through Sunday (Downtown)


🏈  Meet the 2018 Huskies at this big spring fan fest (University District)
🛍  Shop the Handmade & Homegrown market (Georgetown)
🏞  Run for Earth Day and get a tree (Sand Point)
🍿  Watch flicks at the African American Film Festival — through Sunday (Central District)
🗣  Hear from locals using art as ‘creative resistance’ (Hillman City)


🏞  Hike a trail on Earth Day (All over)
👋  Volunteer with fellow LGBTQ+ folks (All over)
🎈  Take the fam to the opening of a Universe of Super Heroes (Queen Anne)
🎈  Celebrate cherry blossoms and Japanese culture (Queen Anne)


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The first cruise ship of the season just pulled up to our waterfront this week. Prepare to be overrun with more than 1 million loveable tourists who can’t get enough of Ivar’s, the Underground tour, and those guys at Pike Place Market who throw the fish.

Have a good weekend, all — The Evergrey

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