May Day, Cinco de Mayo, indie games & more 🙌

May Day, Cinco de Mayo, indie games & more 🙌

In honor of our feathered friends, Seattleites spent last week celebrating Bird Week. Some folks swooped into a class to get a little sketchy. Thanks for tagging #theevergrey, Lisa! (📸: @lisamarvin)

Reader Lisa Marvin, who’s lived in Seattle for a year, flocked to the downtown Seattle Public Library — for the first time 🎉 — to sketch up some beaked buddies with help from Seattle artist Mita Mahato. Lisa and her fellow avian-admirers based their drawings on mallard, bufflehead, and other specimens from the Seattle Audubon Society.

“Not only was this my first trip to the Seattle Public Library — but it was also my first time drawing birds,” Lisa told us. “The instructor had great tips (such as blind drawing) on how to take time to notice details about the subject before getting down to business. I really enjoyed it.”

Wanna get nerdy and bird-y too? Check out our the Seattle and Seward Park Audubon Centers’ calendars for upcoming bird-watching walks and more. Oh, and if you go, don’t forget to tag #theevergrey in your pics! 😉

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🎨  Wind down National Poetry Month with civic poet Anastacia-Renée (Downtown)
🎈  Make slime, goo, and gak with your little ones — pre-registration required (Bellevue)
💡  Hear from Ijeoma Oluo about women of color in media (Capitol Hill)


🗣  March for immigrants’ and workers’ rights (Central District)
💡  Learn about bitcoin and how a pizza cost $200 million (Queen Anne)
🗣  Listen to indigenous peoples’ experiences with climate change — and their ideas to fight it (U-District)


🎨  Paint some happy little trees for Bob Ross (Capitol Hill)
🎟  Get hypnotized by a pro (Belltown)
👋  Show off your inner superhero (or supervillain) at the roller rink (West Seattle)
💡  Learn about the history of the Panama Hotel (International District)
🍴  Help kickstart an exciting new market at this Evergrey partner event (Pioneer Square)


🎉  Celebrate The South Seattle Emerald’s fourth birthday party (Columbia City)
🍿  Watch a film about iconic labor activist Dolores Huerta (Beacon Hill)
🎈  Help your kids build and decorate toy boats (South Lake Union)


🍴  Feast on Dungeness crab (Pioneer Square)
🎶  Kick off the weekend with Cambodian rock ‘n’ roll (Capitol Hill)
👻  Get into the creepy and supernatural at Crypticon (SeaTac)


🎈  Mark Cinco de Mayo with the fam at El Centro de la Raza (Beacon Hill)
🗣  Hear from big thinkers at TEDxUofW (U-District)
🎈  Teach the kids about marine science (U-District)
🗣  Learn about young immigrants’ experiences through art (Columbia City)
🎮  Get geeky at the Indie Game Festival (Queen Anne)


🍴  Get your nom on at the Taco Libre Showdown (Fremont)
🎈  Make lucky cat hats at the Children’s Day Festival (International District)
🏞  Go on a bike ride, then enjoy a cold beer (Georgetown to Tukwila)
🎈  Welcome Washington’s beautiful apple blossoms (Wenatchee)

Going to one of these? Send us a pic or tag #theevergrey. See more upcoming events (and submit your own) on our events page.

Argosy Ship Canal Tours. Try welding or pilot a tug. Music, food trucks and more. 11am-4 pm Saturday, May 12 @ Ballard’s Seattle Maritime Academy. Learn More ».
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🍴  Wednesday: Crowdfound a brand new Seattle market run by low-income immigrant and refugee entrepreneurs at the MarketShare Campaign Launch Party (Pioneer Square)

🐟  May 12: Put the “sea” in Seattle with the whole family at the Harley Marine Seattle Maritime Festival (Lawton Park) — 🆕

Want to partner on your event with us? Here’s how.

Go behind the scenes of Ballard’s working waterfront. Tour the Ship Canal by boat, race in a survival suit, build your own boat, and learn to weld. Learn More ».
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Things to do


Still planning out what’s going in your spring veggie garden? Or maybe you wanna bring the Seattle bloom into your home? Get inspired by The Stranger’s list of plant sales happening all around Puget Sound this season.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

See you tomorrow, all. — The Evergrey

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