🚲 The perfect senior prank


We sure didn’t. But that’s it up there. 👆

WHERE DID IT COME FROM? Former Seattle City Council member Paul Kraabel designed it in honor of the 1990 Goodwill Games, an international sports competition our city hosted that year. Those games were an effort to heal relations between the U.S. and Russia — 😬 — and we were the first North American city to host them after the inaugural event in Moscow. The new flag even prompted us to adopt a new city motto: The City of Goodwill.

Our flag features our city’s namesake, Chief Seattle — or Sealth, depending who you’re talking to — who led the Duwamish and Suquamish tribes. The city says the tangled jellyfish “undulating white lines” represent Puget Sound’s waves.

WHERE CAN I FIND IT? Not flapping in the Seattle breeze. The city says there are three physical copies of it that exist, two of which you can see at the Seattle Municipal Archives. Workers at the archives told us they aren’t sure where the last one is. 👀

CAN I MAKE ONE I LIKE BETTER? Sure! Seattle designer Riley Raker, whose firm designed some of the symbols on our light rail’s maps, thought our city’s flag was so meh that he redesigned it for fun about a year ago.

“I follow a subreddit all about vexillology” — a.k.a. the study of flags, Riley told us. “I thought the flag could be simplified and bring Chief Seattle forward in the design.”

Wanna see Riley’s design blowing in the wind? Check it out in this nifty flag simulator.

Have your own ideas for what our city flag should look like? Design your own — or have your kiddos draw one up — and share a photo of it in our Facebook thread.

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It’s not every day that our city erupts over something as wonky as taxes. But the head tax? That was different.

Before our city council repealed it on Tuesday, the head tax was set to raise $47 million from some of our biggest local businesses to try to solve one of our biggest local problems — homelessness.

The idea drove right at some tough tensions: growth vs. sustainability, high-income vs. low-income, private interest vs. public interest, action vs. dialogue. We asked you what you’re most worried about now that the repeal’s gone through. And these tensions came through in a lot of what you said:

💰 “The city council forfeited power to corporations while sacrificing the needs of the most vulnerable people in the city.”
— Kelli Refer

📈 “It wasn’t to protect Amazon, it was to protect the city’s growth and our jobs here.”
— Eoin Hudson

👋 “What about the growth in Seattle of people moving here to participate in a culture that values everyone, not just big business and their employees?”
— Scott Mainwaring

🤔 “This isn’t pressure from ‘Big Bad Business.’ This is pressure from Joe Average taxpayer who wants to know where all the money went before giving the City Council another dime.”
— Art Valla

☮ “What worries me is that more energy is going toward class warfare and seeing the worst in one another, rather than solving our collective issues with some level of respect for just a bit of political diversity.”
— Angie Herb Gerrald

💪 “We all have a role in this — not just businesses but also individuals — and it does ‘take a village’ to effect change and not just saying ‘government, you do it.’”
— John Spady

Thanks, as always, to everyone who helped build such a thoughtful thread on such a contentious topic. You can read the whole thread here. We appreciate you.


The perfect senior prank. In the hall of fame of amazing high school high jinks, the Ballard High School Class of 2018 has to get honorable mention. The students managed to fill up the teachers’ parking lot with rideshare bikes last week, parking one in almost every available spot. What did that look like in person — not to mention on the Lime app? Click and see → (MyBallard)

Game’s in 30! The first match of the 2018 World Cup airs at 8 a.m. this morning, but you soccer fans already knew that, didn’t you? If watching in your jammies isn’t your jam, head downtown to Fado Irish Pub to see it — and a bunch more Cup matches — with a morning pint. For more World Cup viewing bars in town, check out this Sounders fan list for Seattle and the East Side. Wish the action was closer to home? The U.S. didn’t qualify for this year’s tournament, but North America did just win its bid to host the Cup in 2026. And that could mean World Cup games in Seattle. ⚽ (Sounders at Heart, The Seattle Times)

Rad for dad. Father’s Day is three short days away and if you really want to impress him, you know exactly where you’re going to treat him to a meal or a good brew. May we suggest the 13th annual Washington Brewers Festival in Redmond? Here’s a roundup with a bunch more great options. (The Stranger)

J.K. Rowling is here. OK, not really. But she is being inducted into our Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame, along with Marvel comics powerhouse Stan Lee, The Legend of Zelda, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That’s a dinner party we’d love to attend. Not that you can attend a dinner party with a TV show/movie and a video game. But still. You know what we mean. (MoPOP)

Just a few more announcements…

  • Reader and Seattle Storm fan Sara Kiesler wanted to pass along that the Storm is offering 40 percent off lower bowl tickets at KeyArena as part of a “Protect our House” streak of home games.
  • Evergrey street team member Dani Rice, a teacher in South Seattle, would love it if you’d consider donating a book at her school’s Books and Brews drive in Capitol Hill tonight.
  • And just because it’s great (and was partly filmed here), we should let you know that the movie 10 Things I Hate About You is playing tonight at Peddler Brewing Company in Ballard. About 6,600 people say they’re interested on Facebook. So, um, get there early?

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We’ll see ya tomorrow. — The Evergrey

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