💨 Weed like a latte

💨 Weed like a latte

From bottom left: Edmonds Marina, Kerry Park, Jefferson Park, and the Skyview Observatory. (📸: @jenennap, @amandaswildlifepics, @hola_moto, and @alex.farrell.photo)
(📸: @jenennap, @amandaswildlifepics, @hola_moto, and @alex.farrell.photo)

THE CLASSIC: Kerry Park in Queen Anne

“Kerry Park is my most favorite place for sunsets, with added bonus views of the Olympics from the [nearby] Betty Bowen Viewpoint.”
Sid Gupta, a.k.a. @euvrephotography

“[It] is wonderful for Seattle skyline sunsets with Mt Rainier (on clear days).”
Amanda Thornton-Dewitt, a.k.a. @amandaswildlifepics

UP HIGH: Columbia Tower’s Skyview Observatory in Pioneer Square

“I have captured one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen looking out to the north — and I have been able to take some amazing detail shots of all the different buildings you can see from 73 floors up. … Even during those extremely cold and rainy months during the winter (when standing out in the cold and wet just doesn’t seem appealing) you can still capture something really cool without freezing.”
Alex Farrell, a.k.a. @alex.farrell.photo

DOWN SOUTH: Jefferson Park Viewpoint in Beacon Hill

“This is secretly my favorite spot. You still get the skyline, Sound and Olympics. Also, the upper level of the driving range at Jefferson offers a great view!”
Matt Johnson, a.k.a. @hola_moto

Everett Marina, Alki Beach, and Jose Rizal Bridge. (📸: @euvrephotography, @alex.farrell.photo, and @rynkwng)

THE UNIQUE VIEW: Alki Beach in West Seattle

“Capturing the entire city skyline from across the water is so amazing. You will witness ferry boats commuting passengers between Seattle and other island destinations, really cool container ships bringing in goods into the Port of Seattle, and if, you’re lucky, some cute sea life.”

“Seattle skyline, stars, and even northern lights (during perfect conditions with very strong storming) can be seen above Seattle from here.”

THE BEST BRIDGE: José Rizal Bridge along 12th Avenue in Beacon Hill

“The best place to shoot sunsets in Seattle is 12th Ave bridge. It provides a great composition that includes lines of curves of the freeway, light trails from the cars, and the beautiful skyline of Seattle.”
Ryan Wang, a.k.a. @rynkwng

“I like this spot because you get an unobstructed view of the skyline, Sound and the Olympics. Bonus is the traffic to get some long exposure shots. To me, the bridge is the best spot, but with the increase in crowds I’ll head up to the park or even down to the dog park.”


Marina Beach [in Edmonds] has beautiful mountain views and quiet spots to sit and enjoy. I [recently] went to Richmond Beach Saltwater Park [in Shoreline] for the first time and it is going to be a go-to for me all summer. There are many views of Puget Sound and a stunning spot to sit and watch the sunset.”
Jenna Pratt, a.k.a. @jenennap

Everett Marina at Anthony’s HomePort [because] I love boats. Beautiful sun when it sets behind those gorgeous boats, [which] makes the scene very unique and serene. Warm summer night or cold crispy evenings, this place never disappoints.”

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‘We will not accept anyone who voted for Trump.’ President Trump is not a popular guy in most of Seattle, and the no-Trump Craigslist housing ads columnist Danny Westneat dug up for his latest talker of a piece spell that out. “You won’t hear any calls for ‘civility’ from me, as nothing is more American than loud protest,” Danny writes. “I would only caution liberals this: Don’t become the very thing you’re protesting. Don’t go all authoritarian and bullying and close-minded. If for no other reason than: He’s better at all that than you are.” (The Seattle Times)

A fun new way to say we’re growing: Our state added the population of Everett over the past year, according to Washington’s financial management office. That’s 117,000 people, and it’s actually fewer people than moved here the previous year. As of April 2018, our state’s total population was 7,427,600 — and 55 percent of us live here in the Puget Sound region. (KUOW)

Weed like a latte. Why don’t we have weed coffee houses yet? Mostly ‘cause of Seattle’s ban on smoking in bars and restaurants. Private, members-only cannabis clubs could get around it, but Seattle Weekly’s Meagan Angus craves something more chill: “I have a vision of heading to my local coffee shop, grabbing a shot of espresso infused with an uplifting sativa, and getting on with my day.” (Seattle Weekly)

Need inspiration? Look no further than this team of women from Seattle and Bainbridge Island who just owned the annual Race to Alaska. For six days, 13 hours, and 17 minutes, Team Sail Like A Girl took down fog, strong currents, and even a 20-foot log that lodged into their boat to win this wild 750-mile race. Their prize? $10,000 dollars and a hell of a good yarn. (Kitsap Sun)

Things to do


👂  Wednesday, July 11: Learn how to hear feedback and use it constructively at this Impact Hub Lunch + Learn (Pioneer Square)

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🎈  Mark the Woodland Park Zoo’s carousel’s 100th birthday (Phinney Ridge)
💡  Hear from the woman who coined the term “white fragility” (Downtown)
👋  Listen to your neighbors’ stories about being fooled (Capitol Hill)


🏞  Stay up late to bike in the dark (Ballard to South Lake Union)
🎟  See a burlesque tribute to femme fatale Mata Hari — through September 30 (Downtown)
🎟  Watch Batman take on Shakespeare in “Bat-Hamlet” — through July 1 (International District)


🎈  See awesome vintage cars and hot rods (Greenwood)
👋  Don cosplay at a Volunteer Park picnic (Capitol Hill)
🗣  Speak out against immigrant family separation (Seatac)
💪  Pat yourself on the back for recycling like a pro (
West Seattle)
🏞  Go on a walk to support an International District food bank (Seward Park)


🎈  Check out all things handmade at Urban Craft Uprising (Queen Anne)
⚽  See former Seattle Sounders star Obafemi Martins in action (Tukwila)
🗣  Show solidarity with detained families at the Northwest Detention Center (Tacoma)
🎶  Head to the Peninsula to hone your fiddle skills — through July 8 (Port Townsend)

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… when you can watch it on a rooftop bar while sipping an “Inconceivable” sangria made special for the occasion?

It’s part of Motif Seattle’s outdoor summer movie series downtown, and you might want to save the date for some of these greats: Princess Bride July 6, Office Space July 13, and Independence Day tomorrow. More dates and deets at Seattle Met.

Have a good one, all. — The Evergrey

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