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HAPPIEST SELFIE. “The photographer (in shadow) faces down the smiley faces.” Thanks for tagging #theevergrey, Gillian! (📸: @gillianpeckhamphoto)

More than 60 artists have been gussying up our industrial district with some badass murals the last couple years, and they’re almost done.

Want to catch ‘em in action? Reader Gillian Peckham went on a weekend walking tour of the SODO Track project and got some amazing pics of the artwork — like the one up there from artist Elliott Routledge — ☝️ and this one, painted as she watched by artist Evah Fan. “Thank you to @the_evergrey for letting me know about this event!” Gillian wrote. You bet. It’s what we’re here for.

On that note, the next walking tour is from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. today. You could sit indoors and work that whole time. But we can think of less colorful excuses for an outdoor lunch break. 🎨

And hey — you’ll tag #theevergrey on your adventures around town, right? You’ve built quite the collection so far, and it’s been a blast to share it out.


‘This is pretty much the worst idea ever.’ An article by a Forbes writer got torpedoed by the Internet — figuratively speaking — when everyone tore up its central premise: That Amazon should replace, um, all libraries. 😳 Seattle Times data reporter Gene Balk called it “pretty much the worst idea ever” and Sarah Anne Lloyd of Curbed Seattle rounded up some of the great things you can do for free with a Seattle Public Library card. Like stream critically-acclaimed movies at home, check out an Internet hotspot, get admission to the zoo, and practice piano. Want to read the offending article? Forbes took it down, but you can dredge it up here — and hold your nose. (Curbed Seattle)

We’ve got no chill. Hey, newcomers. Ever walk into a friend’s place on a hot day and think — holy hell, how come no one has air conditioning? You’re not crazy. About one of every three housing units in Seattle has A/C, which is way, way lower than the national average of 89 percent. There are good reasons for this. It doesn’t get as hot here as it does in other places. And using all that energy on cold air doesn’t sit well with our green culture. So how do Seattleites stay cool? We freeze our clothes, eat popsicles, become nocturnal, and do loads of other creative things Seattle Times readers confessed to here. Temps are getting up to the 90s this week, so. Good luck. ❄️ (The Seattle Times)

And Macklemore’s favorite candy is … Reese’s Pieces? We’re not sure it could be anything else after seeing this Instagram post of his land in our feeds this weekend. And speaking of Macklemore, Michael Wansley, a.k.a. @teewanz, a.k.a. the Central Washington University grad who sings the hook on the super-hit “Thrift Shop,” leads some Seattle Opera chorus stars in an almost glass-shattering version of it here. (Instagram)

Missed the show? Three-quarters of you joked that you felt “too old for this 💩” while you followed our Instagram story from a buzzy (and very sweaty) Capitol Hill Block Party last weekend. But here’s the good news: You can listen to local music from anywhere, the Playback tool at the library has loads of good stuff to stream, and when we asked your fellow readers which local artists they love, they came through with some awesome recs: Ben Union, Odesza, Chastity Belt, NAVVI, Tacocat, Black Stax, and Lion’s Ambition. Got more? Drop ’em here.

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Last week we reported out an answer to one of the most common questions you asked about a tough issue in our city — homelessness. “Does Seattle get an influx of homeless people from outside areas attracted to better services?”

Our answer, in two sentences? There’s no evidence of an “influx” in the limited data we have, and no sign that more than a small portion of our homeless population is from outside King County (part I of our answer). But some people who are struggling elsewhere do come here because they’re drawn to our services (part II of our answer).

That all raises another big question worth reflecting on: Why does it matter to us where people who use King County’s homeless services are from?

Reader Michael Davis has one take: “Rural places don’t have services. They dump them on big cities,” he wrote on Facebook. “So it’s not Seattle’s fault for providing services, it’s small towns that don’t take care of their own.”

Reader Lisa Barnes, who told us she works at a small social service organization, has another:

“Yes, folks ARE coming here from elsewhere,” she wrote us via email. “Why are we not proud of that fact? I mean — yay for us on being a caring community!”

How would you answer this question, and what’s led you to that point of view? Help spark the conversation on Facebook.



💰  TOMORROW: Get the basics on bookkeeping, local tax deadlines, and more at this Impact Hub Lunch + Learn (Pioneer Square)

🍸  Friday: Dance, drink, and discover at Theory, Pacific Science Center’s big summer bash. (Queen Anne)

💪  Wednesday, Aug. 1: Workshop your perfect content marketing plan at this Impact Hub Lunch + Learn (Pioneer Square)



💡  Learn about Japan’s supernatural cats at a cat café (Wallingford)
🎨  Put on your walking shoes to tour the SoDo Track murals (SoDo)
💃  Bring your best zydeco moves to Westlake Park (Downtown)
🗣  Soak up “tales of adolescent woe” at the Salon of Shame (International District)



🎈  Say arrrrr to the Seafair pirates (Greenwood)
🍿  Embrace your inner film nerd and see The Shining on celluloid (University District)
💪  Create an awesome story-driven content marketing plan at this Evergrey partner event (Pioneer Square)



💪  Learn how to identify fake news (Downtown)
🎟  Watch a drag competition over drinks (Beacon Hill)
🍿  Hear a filmmaker’s take on veganism’s African roots (University District)



🍷  Sip on award-winning wines and beers (Queen Anne)
🎈  Stroll to a community playdate with your little ones (White Center)
🍹  Dance and learn the science behind cocktails at this Evergrey partner event (Queen Anne)
👋  Try not to get spooked at this cemetery tour (Capitol Hill)
💃  Cheer on Latin, Brazilian, and Caribbean performers (Columbia City) — day corrected. Thanks, Aline Flower!



🎈  Take the fam to the Torchlight Parade (Downtown)
👋  Honor the work of two black women community leaders (Central District)
🎈  Check out art, food trucks, and bands on the beach (West Seattle)
🍴 Get the scoop at an ice cream social (South Lake Union)



🎈  Peruse local art on Alki Beach (West Seattle)
☕️  Unleash your inner caffeine fiend at CoffeeCon (Fremont)
👋  Learn about Filipino culture and food at Pista sa Nayon festival (Seward Park)


D’oh. In our Monday events roundup, we listed an awesome opportunity to mambo among a bunch of aquariums. Turns out that event wasn’t July 23, it’s August 28. We were just too excited to put on our dancing shoes. Sorry about that, and thanks to Lauryl Zenobi for the catch!


Going to one of these? Take us with you! Email a pic to [email protected] or tag #theevergrey on Instagram. See more upcoming events on our events page, and add your own events with an Evergrey membership. Is an event sold out? Hit reply to let us know and we’ll update the listing in tomorrow’s newsletter.


We’ll be asking you to vote on which question about homelessness you’d like us to report out next. And several of our local media partners will be doing the same (go team!), so keep tabs on our Facebook page. We’ll link out to their voting rounds there, too, so you can help us all decide what stories to tackle.

Stay cool, all. Somehow. 😎 — The Evergrey

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